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Which is Better - Porcelain or Acrylic Dentures?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Acrylic Dentures



Porcelain Dentures



All right, boxing audience : We come to the show - down, beat - down of the hour. Both contestants are primed, in their corner with rage, and ready to go. The question is, who will that final champ really be, at the end of tonight’s match? Will the porcelain rock and roll as supreme, or will the acrylic steal its title in an unexpected thrill ride to the end? We shall have to find out, and the only way to find out is to read below (and, then, by the way, to take a couple of minutes out of your day to share this with dental / boxing lovers as well, but mainly those who are wanting to know whether to go with porcelain or acrylic for their dentures, of course, he he heh)…..

All right. Round one. Begin!

Porcelain throws the first carefully - timed punch and lands it, knocking acrylic back by just a couple of feet : Porcelain has pointed out that its substance is made of much harder qualities, which results in it being a far more long - lasting sort of denture at the end of the day (and hopefully, at the end of this match, too). Acrylic tried to block that punch but failed badly, knowing it couldn’t argue with such a valid point and hold up under the pressure, given the very fact that it can’t nearly stand half as much ‘wear and tear’ on an every - day basis as can porcelain. And both know this to be true. But in addition, succumbs to abrasion both more quickly and easily, just as it did to that first punch. But the fight is not over yet…..

Porcelain throws that second punch, and what happens? Ooh, it knocks acrylic to the ground. But acrylic gets right back up. This is NOT looking good for Mr. Acrylic Denture, right about now, not having the strongest start in this match and already falling down on the first round… Now, what did that second punch consist of, you might want to know? Well, more evidence in its favor : Porcelain thought it over well, and delivered the solid information, once more, in that key - timed punch….which consisted of another true fact that one can not deny, which is simply that, when using porcelain in fake teeth, jaw motions are better preserved.

Two more rounds pass, and both fighters drop punches. But both block the other’s punches. Now, we come to the final match and —- yes — sudden death. Acrylic finally lands its first punch, by letting it be known that it can usually bond itself to the denture base, chemically. Porcelain dentures can not do this as they can. This affects, of course, any single teeth that get attached and affixed to that base.

BUT porcelain throws two final punches before that last 1 - minute sudden death bell rings. How? By stating that it’s both easier cleaned and cheaper! Porcelain has WON the match.