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Bite Toothpaste Bits - Waterless Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

So if you have recently heard the fad that is going around with these ( find out more here - Bite Toothpaste Bits ) , then you likely are wondering what in the good, green heck of a planet I am talking to you about this time, right? Well, let me tell you a bit on these bits , heh heh, and leave you some things for consideration in case you may want to then give them a try….why not, right?

So starting off, and first and foremost, these are small and dry, not wet at all, and they look very much like small mints or bits of candy, if that helps you at least get a mental – visual feel for them. They tend to be white in their color ( or, at the very least, that is how I have seen them when I bought them, he he heh ) . And you can buy them online as part of a regular monthly subscription, in which they keep sending them to you regularly ( and you can even auto – renew on them, which is so sweet as well, he heh ) . Or you can just buy as one – time and see how you like them, and then just order again online. The process is simple, easy, smooth, pain – free and a whole heck of a lot of fun ( when I get to the check – out cart online and put in my card payment data, I’m so thrilled and get excited, knowing that they are going to arrive soon at my door in just a week or maybe less…. yay . I get ecstatic at the mere thought of this, I will humbly confess, like the true child that I am underneath ) .

These bits, by the way, tend to be made with fully cruelty – free ingredients so you know you are helping your health and the overall planet, I can say with full assurance. And not only that but they also come as plastic – free, which saves and helps recycling, too. Plus, it has been proven that having plastic in your mouth ( like with retainers ) is actually not the healthiest thing you can do and can cause cancer. No joke.

And to add to this, there is more still — these toothpaste bits are made with fully organic ingredients as well. How’s that for a bite? Or bit? He heh.

In addition, Oprah Winfrey has even used ( much more publicly – promoted and fully endorsed on her campaigns ) these bits, so that says a lot on what they can do…. and who they are for. Everyone. Yes, everyone. Celebrities, the every – day Joe, just about any person with a mouth and some teeth….These bits, by the way, have been featured on Forbes, People Magazine, Country Living and many other top ‘pop culture’ magazines and shows, of course. Order them for just $7.50 a month.