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Fixodent Side Effects

Author : Efrain S.

Patience, friend, there are side effects. And you will need to ‘wait them out’ if you feel any of them, unless they are extreme and you need help. But like I said, take some patience.

First off, denture creams, in general, are labeled with all kinds of side effects these days, and this one, from this brand, is not an exception at all…. no surprise, there, right? I mean, the majority of pharmaceutical and over – the – counter medicines, oral creams, analgesics, and much more carry SIDE EFFECTS. We live in the modern age, in which science has replaced nature, in many ways, and what was once considered toxic and not allowed in the body or blood stream is now perfectly acceptable, he heh. Crazy, right? That’s our society.

Anyways, the side effects on Fixodent are many of the same of those found in most denture creams, like I briefly noted, starting with none other than the malicious, notorious, and ruthless “bone marrow failure” ( and different labels can refer to this one by many different or similar names, but they are, for the very most part, talking about the same potent side effect ) . That is right, so anyone of older age, or anyone in general suffering from arthritis, RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, or even any calcium deficiency, ought to take heed to this label warning and probably put down the bottle or tube of Fixodent ( and return it to their local store or pharmacy, if they still have the receipt, he heh ) . It is not a good risk for them to take on this product, to be more than honest with you, reader. And to add to that mayhem, there have even been, in certain states and very peculiar personal cases, law suits made for zinc poisoning. There have been countless medical publications and journals, in recent days, attributing such zinc poisoning to a possible correlation with this particular product.

To add to that, as well, neuropathy issues are also a listed growing concern and concerned by many as an un – named side effect that comes with this item. So beware of that as well. To me, all of this comes as no surprise at all since I was brought up as a true nature freak and ‘organic everything’ sort of guy — I can tell you that Fixodent product ingredients, like with Colgate and other similar mainstream types of brands, are fully synthetic, artificially – made, toxic and overall, harmful ( both for you and for the green life and greater planet as well, no joke there ) . So discard these products from your home as these side effects ( and I had not even mentioned the rest of them, which are too many, but I could write – up a good Best Seller on it and make millions, he he he heh ) are more than enough reason not to use this Fixodent, if you are just a little bit ‘health - conscious’ at all.