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How to Eat a Hamburger with Dentures

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Don’t mess up your dentures. Then you will have to get some new ones. Try to avoid what you should not eat or drink, and be sure to have a 2nd opinion (in case your partial denture was not made right, for instance). And what do I mean by a 2nd opinion when I say that? Since we know that most dental experts, be they orthodontists or regular dentists, already possess the proper equipment and know - how to take that initial impression, which is not too hard to do, given the realm of advanced knowledge and technology we have today. The follow - up evaluation based on that initial impression is also what can make or break all the difference, as I like to say sometimes.

Now that being said, you still CAN eat burgers but it may take awhile and you should bite softly and go slow, at first….I know you are hungry, but do not give in To your urges. Wait until you have gotten used to doing so, gradually, and have gone from temporary dentures to permanent ones. You will also know that, along the way, you will have some trial and error (as some days may be a bit harder for you to avoid eating all your favorite meals, which you have likely chowed down on for so many years). I have known of people who can now eat burgers, but not the same way they did before, but have had their full dentures for at least a couple years now….yet things will not be the same as before the dentures, but you still manage to get it done and enjoy that juicy Whopper you so crave. Just like with all things, it takes patience, at some times discipline, and persistence.

Sometimes a piece of the soft bun may, in fact, stick to the upper plate (if you got dentures on both top and bottom sides), and you are often told to only bite with those side teeth and back teeth, NOT the front teeth, until it becomes a habit ; in fact, the dentist will stress the urgency of this so many times, until you are sick of hearing it. Just remember to apply the same tips when eating other soft foods like bread and biscuits. If you are having trouble stabilizing those dentures, as many do in the process, then consider putting parts of the burger (a handful, which fits in your hand, like little bits you have broken up with your fingers) into both sides. In other words, as you chew, you can carefully put in some of the burger into each of the two sides of your mouth, simultaneously.

To help with some of the effort of annoying, endless chewing, cut up the burger into very small pieces, which you will then put into your mouth. No, it’s okay. No one is judging you. You are not spoon - feeding yourself like a baby here….