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Best Toothpaste for Periodontal Disease 2020 / 2021

Author : Efrain S.

Now since I think you know me so dang well from reading all my other ‘writes’, as I like to call them, or blogs, he heh, I think you will remember that I’m a big healthie and do NOT suggest in – organic products as often as I can avoid doing so. But as you know, by now, I have made a few exceptions here and there, one of them being the toothpaste I am now about to suggest to you… because it is specifically proven and respected in its field, and consumed by most people, for attacking periodontal disease. Now I might not agree with all the ingredients that it holds in it, but I still do believe it is the best out there that you can use when your issue is this disease, in particular… and oral diseases are no joke, as you have heard me say on many occasions also. Many diseases start orally and become worse. So think on that.

Now anyways, the best toothpaste for this, which I suggest, is the Crest Pro - Health Advanced one ( or, heck, any of its branded ones, too, that say they deal with periodontal disease and kill it ) . And did you know that periodontal disease starts off small and innocent, as a baby…. a baby known as none other than gingivitis? It is true. This is where things begin from. And they say the best prevention is to stop it there before it can grow…. when gums get red, swell up, etc., it is time to start taking regular brushing more seriously, not to mention some real, deep flossing all over. It helps like nothing else. Prevention is a true cure for this disease both in and of itself, and as they say, the “best cure for it”, as a matter of fact.

Now the way it works is like this, so listen up, guys — your gum line is a perfect area of attack for this kind of disease, and it knows it. So it will send all its soldiers right there, and ultimately weaken your defenses while you are at the gingivitis level…. making things worse and worse, with time. Plaque gets on that gum line, then it spreads out and forms, and grows new bacteria of its own, and before you know it, you have got a real case of periodontal disease on your hands ( or mouth, I ought to say, heh he he heh ) . But this toothpaste SPECIFICALLY targets such problems early, so buy it and start using it if you have gingivitis, and use it as instructed, each single day ( don’t skip out one ) .

If you want some other toothpastes I can suggest for this disease, check out Parodontax Whitening Toothpaste as well. And check out Colgate Total Whitening Gel. Also, do check out the Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste.