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Why do Dentures Shorten Your Life?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Why do dentures shorten your life? That is the big (Million - dollar? Billion - dollar? Trillion - dollar?) question that comes in our minds now as we just thought about it. Why, oh why, oh why????

Well, the first fact I might want to point your eyes to is the fact that major studies have shown there is a change in diet, and it is not a minor one —- in fact, significant alterations to what we can eat, especially things more organic but harder to chew —- have been made on our behalf. Dentures have truly limited us, in this sense. In fact, countless experts over at King’s College have pointed out, with the right amount of studies and evidence backing their claims, that even dentures (as a result of tooth loss itself, I might add) can contribute to both muscle frailty as well as issues arising on different joints of the body. People are, all in all, much more prone to breaking bones ; in addition, they are equally at risk of falling, like, when they go out and run (knee joint issues, etc, from lack of strong, stable support in that bone area itself), so think of it, as some have, like a sort of nasty domino effect….one thing will cause another, which, as a result of that, will cause another, and the damage just keeps spiraling down….

Did you happen to know that certain nutrients get lost in between the denture areas as we chew? In fact, it’s as if we’re only eating 80 % of whatever is laid in front of us at the lunch table. That is the cold, hard fact. And with it, we can come across with certain musculoskeletal frailty, in addition to muscle mass overall. This is also because our teeth and jaws were designed to be able to chew down and chew down hard (with balance, of course, not all the stinking time). It’s like an area of the body we need to exercise, believe it or not, and when we always chew stuff that is only soft, since that is what the dentures require us to do, then we lose that muscle and it weakens. And we become more prone, thus, to frailty and disease. And one bone area, regardless of where it is (even in the oral realm) can and will affect all other bone areas, like the knees, arms, etc. It’s all connected.

So what can you do? Certain implant mouth replacement specialists can help with this. Try them. Also, take care of your remaining teeth while you can so that you don’t need dentures in the first place. Or if you already have partial denture work done, then try to save the teeth and gums that still remain. You must take action in either of these forms and not let the issue linger on for one more minute.

See what can work best for you, and then tell me once you did so. I hope to congratulate you on your efforts. Live.