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Why Do Dentures Click When Eating?

Author : Efrain S.

Hmm…good question. Ever had one of those fun taco nights that kept getting interrupted by the click and annoyance of your friend’s dentures ( or yours, he he he heh ) ? Well, we all know how annoying it can be to have such a fun day or night event get ruined or be awkward at the table due to a stupid little issue like this one…. I’m with you there, friend, which is why I want to talk on it to this time….

So first of all, and I do say this first of all, if the denture does not fit properly or starts to lose its proper fitting, then that can be causing all this little annoyance and it may be time for a real, ‘re - fitting’ session or a re – assessment to see which denture might be better to put inside. This is the biggest cause of what they call, in the dental world, ‘loose fits’ or simply ‘loose - fitting dentures’, the major under – lying issue at hand that is the real culprit behind all the clicking as you eat. Hmm…

And also, to add on top of that, every time you bite down, chew, or heck, even talk or laugh, an improperly fitting denture will get only more and more loose… count on that. It’s just a matter of time before the issue gets real annoying ( if it has not already, at this point ) . Also, if it becomes an issue of vertical disproportionalities, or vertical dimensions, then that’s a whole nother thing. And what I mean by that is this, of course — if the dentures are the wrong height, or even placed at the wrong height in the overall dimensions of your mouth, then this can also cause all that clicking to happen. It’s a real pain in the butt ( or mouth, I ought to actually say, he heh hehh ) .

Each mouth muscle around the dentures is initially intended to close smoothly together with its other muscles, but when your denture does not properly connect or come intact at the right closing point as designed to do, then it makes that annoying click. You might also try something like FOY dentures or neuromuscular dentures, as an alternative, but they can cost a bit of money… are you dentally insured? If so, see who in your area offers this by just typing it into GOOGLE and letting it use your current location to find you a close fit or nearby service provider.

Some people also click their dentures as a habit and never get this improper placement fixed. THEY are what some call nervous clickers. They exist, too, he heh.

So we hope that some of this data has helped you and at least made you ‘eye - opened’ in amazement as to what causes the clicking and what you can do about it. Now it’s time to move on it. Take some action.