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What Causes Dentures To Crack?

Author : Efrain S.

Wear and tear, my good friend, like with any other thing in this world — it all comes down to wear and tear. Cars break down. Homes crumble. People die. And yes, ultimately, dentures crack. But let me tell you a little bit more on this, to open your mind….

First of all, chewing and biting causes pressure on these dentures, and it is only a matter of time before they can take no more such pressure and crack. But not only regular eating patterns can do this, but guess what else? And you might not believe it… but it’s been proven true — that even changes of temp in the room or dropping, drastic temperature alterations can add some pressure and stress on the dentures, too ( just as they do on the rest of your body when you get blazing hot or freezing cold all of a sudden, he he heh ) . So environmental change is always a big factor in all things, but not just that…..

To take things even a little bit further, and I hope you will keep reading and take it to heart here, he heh, acidic foods or drinks, for that matter, as well, also take a toll on the dentures. They wear them down in their own way. You have likely never given thought to what drinking alcohol, for instance, can do to your dentures as you were more often than not only thinking about the pleasure of the drink and not the consequences of it, and who could blame you? But it is time to shift your thinking, especially when you want to get more serious about preserving your dentures’ lives. No, they’re not as crucial as human lives, he heh, but if you want to save money and reduce dental visits, you might want to start taking it more seriously right this very MINUTE. I’m brutally honest because I want to help you and for no other reason — I used to be in the same situation not too long ago, myself, and know what I’m speaking of….

There is also just ‘bad luck’ as a cause of cracking dentures — they fall open and crack. There is nothing you can really do about that, when it is said and done. It usually happens before you even have a chance to act or stop it, of course, since it’s all going in inside your mouth as you pay it little attention and focus on other things of your daily life, he heh.

They can fall right out at any opportune time, on their own, even when you might be off in La La Land dreaming of rainbows and castles, he heh. Yes, when you’re sleeping, they could fall out then easily break. And if they fall on a hard floor or concrete, or even an empty sink, they can be forever gone. So just keep that in mind also.