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How To Clean Foggy Headlights With Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

Hmm, foggy head – lights? Interesting question. Good thing I already came up with the perfect solution for ya, don’t you just love me? He heh. Read on, my readers….

So first of all, I would stop to suggest that you run to your store and not come back home until you have every single little list item you need. So go shopping and go off this shopping list : Get some car wax, along with some masking tape, and try to make sure the car wax you get is one you have used before or a brand that has proven to work well on your type of car, and for this you can always look online or do some further research. Now you will also want to add a few more things to the shopping cart, he heh, as we are not done just yet, friend…. one of those things being some safety or work gloves, whether they be of plastic or of vinyl is fully up to you. And I will add that these are, as a matter of fact, optional but sure help if your skin is a bit more irritable or sensitive… or, heck, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or get toothpaste on them, at the end of the day, he he he heh. I always use gloves for these, plastic, in fact, and it really helps me stay without making a mess…. and I just toss the pair in the trash when I am done, and put on a new pair next time ( do not recycle them, by the way, unless they are, in fact, actually labeled and marketed as re – usable or recyclable, all in all ) .

Any toothpaste, really, works. So get some, too. Or use the one you have at home. Get a bucket of full, warm water, too, and a nice, soft little cloth… which you are going to wet up just a little bit. Add some cleaning soap to the list, and you should be set to go. Now then, assuming you are by your car, at home at your garage ( or wherever else you like to clean up your car, he heh ) , the next thing you are going to need to get done is to wet the cloth and put some soap on the end of it. Hold it with your hand, and then, back and forth, clean those headlights. Then after that, you should rinse that with some more water and just give it all about 15 minutes to dry up just a little. And then from there, you should cover the head – lights with some masking tape to avoid the issue of scuffing. Don the gloves. Put toothpaste on the towel or cloth and move your hand around circularly, with the cloth or towel on it. Water – rinse. Dry.