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Are Electric Toothbrushes Waterproof

Author : Efrain S.

The general rule of thumb does state that toothbrushes that are electric can get wet but let us all keep in mind that there is a mass difference between rinsing one under a sink, with a light tap, for just a few seconds…. and completely IMMERSING your electric toothbrush under full water or placing it inside a large, water bowl, etc. You get the idea? So keep that in mind.

Also, did you happen to know that the common terms ‘water - resistant’ and ‘water - proof’ are actually two very different terms and should not be used as inter – changeably as people do these days? In fact, we are not just talking about a subtle little difference ( like that of between, oh, say, karate and taekwondo…. or taco and quesadilla, he he he heh, and now I am getting hungry ) but rather something of more significance and that, when not properly confirmed and given attention to, can actually ruin your electric toothbrush or even cause an electric hazard, in the most extreme and severe of cases. As a general rule, as well, water is not a good friend to any electronic or electric component or part, so keep that in mind, too. And here it applies as well….

Google technically defines ‘water - proof’ as “something impervious to water” while something ‘water - resistant’ more or less gives off the vibe of being able to resist some water ( mind you ) but only to a certain extent…. before it fully penetrates the insides and starts doing the real damage, and the product then gradually fails to work, due to water build – up on the inside. Those interior components are super fragile and not, to be quite frank, designed to withstand or resist any water or liquid, as a whole.

Most electric toothbrushes, you will find, on that point, are actually ‘water - resistant’ and not fully water – proof. Just make sure that, above all else ( and promise me that you will, if you really care about keeping your toothbrush healthy ) , you will avoid any water hitting the charger area or even the battery cover itself, which conceals the battery just inside ( as, like I said, water can eventually seep inside and touch the battery and its electric charging area and do some damage, which is never want you want to let happen ) .

Oral – B electric toothbrushes, as a general rule, are recommended not to ( and recommended by the makers themselves, the brand ) be left under a sink or where any water can spray or splash straight into them as they are most sensitive. Unplug it if it gets really wet or falls into any water at all. That is your safest bet, in this instance. So friends, I hope that, once more, I was able to teach you something cool!