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Water Floss For Braces

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Ever tried a water flosser of your own, like the one that Waterpik makes? Well, if you have, or know what this is, then let me share with ya more….

First of all, if you happen to be wanting to know more on just how to use one with your braces, then let me talk on that a moment. The first thing you are going to need to know is the fact that this product is best used with its own orthodontic tip…. or with any orthodontic tip, for that matter, he heh. This tip, all in all, includes a tapered brush which basically just takes as much plaque as it can right out of those lovely braces you’ve got going on inside. Helpful, no? I’ll say!

You can also use this water floss with its own Classic Jet Tip or other alternative tips out there. Try it. Start there.

Now, then, I am not even nearly done sharing the very best that I can with ya —- the next thing to tell ya is this : you start by filling up the reservoir of the flosser with some very lightly warm water ( or something lukewarm, if you prefer that term instead…. he he he heh…. words escape me sometimes, even though I am English ) . Put it firmly on its base and just keep it there. Then, you are going to have to insert that tip and just click it right into its very handle. Easy so far, right? Then let me show you what follows…..

After doing all that, easy work, you are going to need to then just start out at a very minimal pressure level and then adjust that pressure control gradually as you go along… still with me? Good. There is more : after doing that, you need to simply just follow that up by leaning carefully over your sink and putting that tip straight in your mouth, he heh. Turn on the unit. Make sure you have closed your mouth and kept it shut ( no time to talk right now or chew on anything, he he he heh ) . Water should flow.

And then you are going to need to aim your tip… where? At the gum – line. Do the back teeth first. This helps. Stop for a sec after that. Brush each tooth’s interim area gently and carefully ; and then, just be sure to get each and every other tooth. And don’t miss one, either.

I hope this has been fun, dudes. Rock on. You got this! And remember to read this a couple times before you attempt to do it yourself, for repetition.

Englishman Efrain here with another blog. It was fun for me to write as well. I hope you stick around…. I got more blogs here that need to be read by all of you! Peace out.