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Waterpik - Water Flosser

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Waterpik sells a ton of water flossers in its sales line : Shop Countertop & Cordless Water Flossers - Waterpik®

That link can show you each and every single one that you can take home with you. And when you read now, I will tell you, as well, some extra thoughts on just a few of these and why you ought to think about a yes or no on them. Get them or pass? You get the idea. You may not like all the ones you see, but I am sure that at least one or two may catch your eye and keep you asking questions on it…..

Anyways, let us start out by saying these words : We are in no way representing this brand or affiliating with them. I, Efrain, do so solemnly promise, he heh, that I do not secretly work for Waterpik or anything. I am just writing this out of the bottom of my heart, in love for the brand, and in hopes that you get some facts here that you can use, through my great writing ( he he he heh…. humble and all, eh? ) , on this type of product…. and that you know where to get started, at least.

So, then, I will have you have a look at this here, first of all : Waterpik® Radiance Water Flosser WF-09

Yes, the Radiance is one of my fave ones in this line. I don’t know if it’s the name that is so cool or if it is something else… maybe the product as a whole. He he heh. But it just radiates ( he heh…. see what I did here? ) a glory all of its own, something unique. Like the sun radiates its splendour to the world, this unique water flosser radiates excellence…. yes, it is also one of the best – sold from here. This is a superb model, to say the very least.

99.9 % is what it removes in plaque. Let that sit through your mind for just another sec or two, then take a quick sip of your coffee, then keep reading my page…. has it sunk it yet? That fact I just mentioned is, all in all, MIND – BLOWING. Yet it is fully – true and endorsed by many. Even the Waterpik site will also tell you the same as you may have noted as well.

That means, it practically removes ALL plaque in there. It is just a matter of time. If you keep using it consistently, you can get great results. Want some other fave picks of mine, as I like to call them? Then check out this water flosser, too : Sidekick® Water Flosser, White with Chrome Accents WF-04

They call it the Side – Kick. BUTT is what it kicks. No, seriously. And it’s not 2nd place to any other water flosser.