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What is the Average Age for Getting Dentures?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Common stats show that, more and more these days, people 40 and over start to get false teeth or full dentures — that is no laughing matter. In fact, experts have shown in many cases that under 33 % of grown - ups at least 40 are actually lucky enough not to need them, but that alone rules out the rest of society that should unluckily fall into this demographic. Most people that age and older should prepare, if they have not already, to start losing one or more teeth and face the gruesome reality of dentures. There have been a few exceptions to this general rule, though, and in fact, a popular Vimeo vlogger by the name of Kristi has actually talked to the world all about her crazy experience in getting dentures at the young age of only 26…how scary it must be for any young lady of this age, right? But as she states, many, many times, in all of her online work, you can note that it has helped fuel her to stardom in a weird sense…she is soft of an internet sensation as of now and young ladies of all sorts look to her for inspiration, courage and a big heart she holds.

She founded iWear Dentures from that, and in it, shares some of her most painful moments, victories and everything in between that. You should check her out when you can. She is living proof that there is no set age for getting dentures ; and though most people start to consider getting them after 40, it is not always the case. Colgate has also published a few ads on the topic, here and there, telling people to prepare to get dentures at any age ; though most of us see it as a fear tactic sort of gimmick, we should also be aware that the need for dentures when super young can still be a reality and none of us are invulnerable.

People have also posed this same question on a major platform for answers known as Quora (which I am sure many of you have heard of), a place where only expertly - vetted research writers have been allowed to post quality answers to the questions listed. And when people wondered about this, asking Quora experts, the reply tended to lean toward genetics, diet and DNA, as well, surprisingly. How does this work?

Well, just like people who lose hair or begin to lose any sort of functionality of value right starting at age 40, the same applies here. But those who exercise more often, eat a better, wholesome diet, get plenty of sleep, and keep stress low, for instance, have a better chance of surviving an early onset of tooth loss requiring dentures. It really is all that simple, and it will always come back to the issue of our health and quality of life — do we neglect any areas? But take care of that before hitting 40, and certainly after!