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Why Do Dentures Have To Be Kept In Water?

Author : Efrain S.

Your denture is an extremely personal and unique gift to yourself and tells the world about you in your new appearance. Thus, it can have an effect on the first day you meet the love of your life, or an image of a holiday or birthday of years gone past, or maybe simply scares away a family pet when they see you, ha ha. Thus, it is and can be bespoke, customized, and special. Heck, when you get it placed in your mouth, and see yourself in the mirror, you might even cancel your flight or alter your travel destination, or even change your wedding date to a time in which you can adjust to your new look, or change the day to another that is special to them and / or you both…. or gives you and your bride ( or groom ) time to get used to the new ‘you’. He heh.

Hopefully, they will adjust and like you for who you are, still. I know that some dentures look more fake than others and can change a whole person’s facial look and appearance / visual appeal, as well. But do not let this scare you. Just remember to take good care of the dentures to make them last, and to do so, you must first remember — and always remember — that for the dentures to continue to serve you faithfully for plenty of time to come, they must be kept in water or moist, all in all. So when they are in your mouth, they’re good ( as the saliva takes care of that problem for you, all in all, though you might still have to deal with the issue of dry mouth, but that is for a whole nother topic I cover elsewhere, he he he heh heh ) and remain moist. And when you take them out, like to sleep at night, you ought to help them keep their same form as they can dry out quickly, like certain clay can, and put them in a nice, big glass of water ( in the rest room, I would suggest, and not by your night stand, where you can accidentally pick up the glass in the night hours and drink from it…. it has happened before, and it is so gross to even think about, he heh ) .

When the dentures are NOT moist enough, as they start to lose form, they will lose the shape they needed to remain in when in your mouth. And while sitting inside your mouth, they come looser and looser. And they might fall out, at some point, and smash if they hit the ground. Then, it’d be time to spend on new ones. So soak them in water each night ( or in denture – cleaning solution you can buy online or at Walgreens, but not if you have metal in them, which is not friendly to this solution ) .