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How Long Do Clear Retainers Last?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Most retainers out there, even the really good clear ones like the Essix, tend to last a max of 2 years. Yes, I know, that can be disappointing…. you then have to get them re – made or re – placed / re – fitted. But it is what it is. But some retainers, on an even worse note, do not make it to that mark in time. As a matter of fact, some break or just do not fit well anymore before that…. so if you are really lucky, and take GOOD care of your retainers, you can see them live 2 years long. How about that?

Now, I can tell you some things that you can do to make them last you longer…. hitting that max time – frame. How does this sound? I hope that you are on – board with the idea, and assuming you are, I will now share what I know…. keep reading and let nothing distract you…..

Now, then, first of all, on this very important key note I mentioned, 2 years is do – able. Follow the steps that I am about to show you, or I should say, the hints, and you can easily see those retainers make it that long. It is all about how much you decide to commit and your being smart about the whole process. I know you’re smart. You’ve got this.

Every single time that you ever even think about pulling out your retainer out of your mouth, stop yourself and make sure that both of your hands are there and present with you, fully accountable, clean and ready for action…. why do I say this, now? Well, I say this because you are going to need to use them both, not just one, to pull out the retainer both carefully and ever – so smoothly, “gently” being the main key – word I use here. He heh. Go gentle and slow. And remember : two hands ( just as if you were riding a bike, I would say, he he he heh…. if that helps you remember it better ) .

When you twist and pull those retainers, it eventually causes them some stress, and more so coming out the mouth. So be careful. And don’t yank them out with a single hand, and a rapid jerking, as so many people are guilty of doing. But you’re smarter than that, like I told ya…. I just know it and have a good feeling you are going to remember this “2 - hand rule for 2 – year life” thing….. and I just made up the name, he heh ( cool, right? ) .

Also, clean them every day. Clean them every week. Heck, clean them every month…. but at the very least, every week. And keep them far from your pets at home. These are not their chew toys. This all ought to help.