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Can I Wear Retainers If I Never Had Braces?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

This is a tough topic to talk about, for some, as they have already made their choice on the matter. If you are still pondering it, however, I suggest you sit down, get a nice drink, read my page, and then decide what may be the next best step you should take…. sound fair? I think so, my friend. I know you’ll learn something helpful and valuable here with me….

Now, then, the very first point of argument that I wish to make, on this end, is the simplest and plainest fact of the matter, right here —– it’s in certain specific cases, usually, when an ortho pro has you wear these retainers before actually getting the braces themselves. So it is not something that you would expect to come across every day, but rather a more rare and specified circumstance, and one that is monitored by a dental or ortho expert at each step of the way. Now, if the problem in your mouth is rather very small, and only involves a tooth or two, per say, then they can likely suggest you getting it fixed with a retainer than with an entire set of braces…. this could, all in all, save you time and money and work ( as well as them ) and make your process go by a whole lot faster than expected. But do not get your hopes up —- like I said before, just now, these types of circumstances are usually a whole heck of a lot more rare than the usual. Don’t assume that that’s going to be the case with you, even as much as you’d hate to get braces and do not look forward to having to do so, he he he heh….

Now, then, to add to that, you can see your expert giving you retainers instead of braces ( or even if you’ve never had braces on before ) in other circumstances, too, which are still equally minor in nature, such as when you have very small gaps to fill, need a single – tooth adjustment, and things like that. But for most issues that most patients come across, there is usually more involved…. hence the need for braces, and getting those in first ( before then later adding the retainer, all in all ) . So yes, to answer our main question, in short, one CAN wear retainers if he or she has never had braces before…. but it is a rare type of occurrence.

And I will also say this, guys : When you have tongue – thrusting problems, as is also somewhat rare, your professional might also give you a retainer…. whether or not you have had braces before. So it does happen, too, as it also does with thumb – sucking, a whole ‘nother issue.

Anyways, I hope this read has been helpful. Please share it. Thanks!