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Philips Sonicare Buzzing On Charger

Author : Efrain S.

Now if you have had some issues with this toothbrush or its charger randomly buzzing when it comes on, or heck, even when it goes off, then that might likely be an issue in which you need to consult with the Sonicare support team as some users have also talked about this online, as of late, but found very, very little helpful info. on this and what to do when it happens. I have recently read everything from support forums to chat boxes to small blogs on the topic and it seems to be an issue that is popping up somewhat rarely but its very solution — and this is where it can get annoying and irritating as heck — is that it can depend, more specifically, from case to case. An expert will need to take a very close look, up – front and with the model in his or her hand, to properly diagnose what the heck the EXACT problem is and how to best solve it in a way that will work… so they can then ship the toothbrush back to you in working condition. I know that this is a tough thing to hear, especially when we now live in a ‘micro - wave utopia’ or society in which we are used to pushing a button, saying a command or entering a prompt…. and just having the thing we want happen INSTANTLY AND AUTOMATICALLY. Unfortunately, though, with an electric toothbrush of this brand and make, you will need to give it a little bit of time ( hope you bought a 2nd one to use as back – up in the meantime, he heh, otherwise now would be a really good, darn’ tootin’ time to jump on Amazon and look at some, he he he heh ) .

Friend, you might want to know that, if the issue happens to stem around, or correlate with, the battery light indicator actually beeping or blinking out of the usual, then that might be a problem having to do with it lacking a full charge ( which will also take some patience — a full 24 hrs being the recommended charge time by experts of this product ) . If you try to take it out in any time less than a full charge cycle, you might get random beeping, blinking or even very rare buzzing as I mentioned just now. So do be patient, above all else. Go cook some soup or something while you wait for it to charge all the way to its peak, he heh.

If the socket does not work, in other cases related to this, you might try plugging in at different power spots in the home. Try another outlet as this usually ought to do the trick, for most people ( as they themselves have said online ) . It does not hurt to try. And when all else fails, contact Sonicare!