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Best Toothbrush For Porcelain Veneers

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Which is best? Time to chat again! Efrain here…..

So first of all, I like to go with this tooth – brush for that : Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Power Toothbrush (Pink) - -

But let me tell you, the pink is not my fave choice of color, he he he heh. Yet besides that, there is so much more than what meets the eye here, and with my porcelain veneers, they have done their job most terrifically. And how did I hear of this tooth – brush, by the way? Well, first, both my mom and my sister owned one, and used it for their own porcelain veneers ( no joke ) and then told me about it. So you could say it was a family affair…. from mom to daughter, and daughter to brother, in a sense. He he he heh.

I have used it in white, not pink. He heh. I had a special custom order going. But if you are a lady, the pink version ought to be just fine for you. Anyways, the dentist we had recommended that model, among the many he also suggested we look at, for using with those veneers of porcelain. I think what prompted my mom to pick this model was not only the price point of around $150 when buying ( which is a really good deal ) but also the fact that the tooth – brush is gently. And even though it is electric, which can sometimes be a noisy pain ( yes, they whirr around and make noises as they rotate bristles on your teeth, which you get used to, in time, he he he heh ) , it is still gentle on teeth. And the moving bristles are not too rough or damaging to porcelain, all in all, not even to soft plastic ( like what we also used them for…. when we had retainers in there before ) .

You get 5 levels of sensitive cleaning right here on this item, which is what my whole family loved. And upon trying this right on porcelain veneers ( directly placing them on the veneers and brushing around them, with the veneers still in the mouth ) , we have also found that all 5 settings can work on such porcelain and not damage anything, which is always a good thing to keep in mind. This shows me that they are effective but also sensitive and gentle, a perfect balance of the two. Anyways, the 5 settings are as follows : CLEAN, DEEP – CLEAN, WHITE, SENSITIVE ( which should be called “even more sensitive than usual”, ha hah ) and GUM CARE.

So let me say this, too. And then I’ll be done. You guys rock, just for reading this. Thanks again! Keep coming back each week…. new blogs coming in often…

So keep checking us out!