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DIY Braces

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you want to save money or just like doing things yourself you might be wondering about DIY braces. Kits do exist that can be ordered but there are a few things to note about them.

We as men (and some women, too, I will not be scared to admit, he he heh) love to be able to make things ourselves, to fix things ourselves, to ad - just or even re - invent things ourselves, on our own, and to save money doing it….it has been so, I think, even since the beginning of the creation of man. Cave men were very skilled and self - reliant, when you really stop to think about that (and no, I am not talking about the Flintstones, as they might be the one and only exception to this, he he heh). We now have the modern term ‘DIY’ because of it, and you can just about apply it to anything — yes, nearly any single topic or thing you can think of, you can teach yourself how to do or make it, and for free (just go to your local library for a book, an eBook, an article, a video, etc. at no cost) or even Google any sort of article by an expert on the topic. Heck, you might even jump on to You Tube to see what you can come up with — people have made video tutorials on just about everything from hunting a deer with a blow - gun to making dairy - free pizza. It’s there. You just have to look and find, and share with others who can also learn it…..

Now with that said, why should DIY braces be an exception? No exception. Some mail - order treatments, in fact, already exist…and people have been able to just order and follow the instructions while doing the whole process at home (given the circumstances of the recent world pandemic, that is starting to look more and more appealing to us all, is it not?). Many people have also blogged on their experience with this, most people telling us that it just takes one upfront payment in most cases, and everything is carefully listed out for you to follow when trying this more un - conventional sort of approach. Customized aligners tend to come included, as well, which is always nice — just make sure that you have taken at least 20 minutes to research the provider and ask any questions firsthand (see their online rank or reviews, too, what other users have said about the whole process, etc.).

However, if you can afford the regular ‘walk - in’ sort of treatment, many have suggested you do so instead. It’s always good to have someone physically feel and see the teeth as you make progress. But some DIY providers let you send them photos and updates throughout, yet for me, I’d say that it is not even close to the same as regularly visiting your dental expert and his nurses. You get more quality care, more attention paid to little details, a good social experience and, all in all, more detailed guidance or direction should you need it. But try the DIY approach, if you’d like, and possibly save a few hundred dollars.

Is it illegal to do braces at home?

The answer to this is probably yes. This depends on the local laws where you live and also on the specifics what you are doing. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t really tell you much about hte specifics of the law. .