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No Room To Floss - Cleaning Tight Teeth

Author : Efrain S.

No room to floss? There might be a bigger problem behind it all, such as too many teeth, having gapped teeth in another area of your mouth, or even something else —- but to really know and take action, you would be best off to get a pro’s opinion. Go to your ortho expert or dentist first. But in this blog, either way, I will show you some tips. Let’s go to it!

Your first tip is going to be that having the right kind of floss can be a life – saver for you. Yes, they make all types, all shapes, all sizes, and makes and materials, he heh. You might not have known this, friend, which is why I urge you to pay some closer attention the next time you make a trip down your oral care aisle at the super – market, he he he heh. Ribbon – like string floss, for one, is great at getting in so many annoying little spots and really getting in and out of your teeth, in turn ( and we all know how hard that can be sometimes, especially when you really want to avoid getting any floss stuck in your teeth and then having to get that floss out of it, been there myself ) .

There are also some disposable flossers, and on this note, I like to use the ones known as Gentle Slide ( which, as their name tells you, slide in and out gently, even in tight spaces in between your teeth, he heh ) . They can be easily maneuvered around and even tweaked but just be patient ; if you do not get it the first time or in your first try, then just keep trying. I know that, with a few types of floss or floss picks / floss boxes I have used, I did not wrap my finger around quite right on the first few tries but then kept trying it and eventually became a pro ( I could write a whole book on it, he he heh, in addition to the fact that I have spent more hours at the local Walmart near me than I should ever have, and that I have likely tried every type of floss known to man, ha ha hah hah, but no joke… I’m serious ) .

Also, have you tried a water flosser? It’ll shoot a rapid stream of water that has been perfectly pressurized so as to dislodge any debris stuck in between those tight teeth. It is worth a look. My friend has invested in one and really says he could not have made a better choice. The water from this device ought to hit your teeth and right under that gum – line area with enough force ; the first few tries can get messy as water tends to splash all around you. But keep trying and never give up!