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Can I Stop Wearing My Retainer After 2 Years?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Good question. Mind if I jump in? Efrain, here, ready to help with some input, once again!

Assuming you agree to proceed, I will now write with bold emphasis and passion, much as I love to do. Just for you. So please read. I wrote this with much love and much care, and I hope it is as easy as Apple pie to understand. My words in these blogs are never too complex, now, are they? Very rarely. Now, on to it!!!! Let’s go…..

I am, as a matter of fact, going to talk on some of the things that you can expect when you have retainers, as it regards eating and drinking…. shall we proceed?

Gold moments are free “breaks” or “breathers” as some like to call them, when you can just relax for a bit or stop feeling the pain of the retainer. If you have had, or have, right now, retainers, I need not say more…. you know that at some point, they get to be a pain. And you never know when in the day you will get to have a precious little break or gold moment. When wearing retainers, you will learn, if nothing else at all, to savor every precious second of these gold moments just as I have learned to do, all in all. And each second counts.

So, how about this —- how about a permanent gold moment? Is there such a thing? And can such a utopia of pleasure every really be achieved in this painful life? Well, if you’re an adolescent, they say that after 10 years, not 2, you should be good for life. But it can take some patience. If you’re not, however, the decision is still up to you but it is recommended that you can continue wearing the retainer after that 2 – year – mark, at the very least, over – night. So many people do this and do not worry about wearing a retainer in plain day, thus not interrupting many of their life’s joys and activities of the day. They simply wear the thing at night as they sleep and do not give it another thought til the morning…. in which they can then take it off, leave it to rinse and dry, and then get on with their day. Easy, peazy, right? I think so, too, and so do the millions of retainer users, all in all!

If you notice significant regression after not wearing the retainer a few weeks after that 2 – year – mark, then you ought to see your dentist. You ought to assess what is going on and prepare for the worst. They may tell you that you need to do the retainer again…. bummer. But it’s all in the best interest of your teeth and mouth health, so it can’t really hurt you, in the long run. Think on that.