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How Often Change Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head

Author : Efrain S.

The general rule of thumb here holds that, if you use this type of brush head at least twice a day ( and like to brush for the intended, recommended amount of no longer than 2 minutes with each brushing ) , then you ought to think about changing it out every quarter…. in other words, every 3 months, or at most, 4. In some rare cases, if the brush head still shows itself to be in the best of conditions, then you might even extend that to a full 6 months though it is not ideal ( only if you are really pressed, for money, or can not buy a new one for any other reason ) . Yet 3 is key! That is what they say….

The bristles on the toothbrush head, first of all, are what wear themselves out the most… they take the hardest impact of the brushing stroke, so to speak, every time that toothbrush gets in and out of your mouth. This special Sonicare toothbrush, on another note, also has blue indicator lights on its bottom part just under the brush torso and head themselves, which will also tell you when it is time to swap out that brush head, all in all…. and you had better be a good owner and listen to its demands! He heh.

When it’s time to swap, then it’s time to swap, and let there be no “buts, ifs, or whats ( or why’s”, he heh ) about it, as I like to say. Change it and let that be that. Do it for the good of your own mouth and to avoid getting bacteria, blisters ( from brushing too hard using old, rusty, blown – out bristles, which can happen in some cases ) and not being as sanitary as you can be. The blue indicator light I was just talking about, by the way, just looks like bristles and you can see two arrows ( one pointing up and the other pointing down, as you brush, I suppose ) around the right and left of the bristle image itself. You can not miss it. It’s an easy and convenient indicator and I am so darn glad that this unique toothbrush actually comes with a feature like that one. Are you, too? You ought to be!

Removing plaque, or its ability to do so, is what gets diminished, all in all, as well…. when you fail to switch out that toothbrush head as often as you need to. And the longer you wait, the more it gets reduced, the more worn – out those bristles get, and the more you put yourself at risk, orally. Think long and hard about it, and if you can’t remember the last time you changed out your toothbrush head on your Philips Sonicare, then it might be time to! Time is of the essence.