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Welcome to the world of Squigle Toothpaste, a place where you will find oral happiness within reach. It is a place where --- and you guessed it --- we sell a brand of toothpaste that is distinct from any other you have seen out there on the market, thus far, and that’s a promise…..

Squigle Toothpaste helps avoid:

Squigle Toothpaste

And Gives you this:

Squigle Toothpaste has none of these:

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The Brand

Anyone who conducts a quick Google search for “squigle toothpaste” will find that the company, Squigle, Inc., and its products are making their rounds across the Internet ---- and only more so with growing intensity. It’s all truly become quite a seller’s market and much more. This special company makes two unique types of toothpaste, Squigle and Tooth Builder, both of which we’ll cover in some detail later in this piece. Both products contain 36% Xylitol, a fact the brand highly prides itself on. To kick things off, it uses mainly natural ingredients behind all it does and is fully patented as SLS-free within the U.S.A.

Squigle Toothpaste Ingredients

sodium fluorideprevents cavitiesmineral ore
natural XYLITOLprevents plaque, boosts fluoridebirch trees
purified watertexturespring water
silicapolishes, cleansbeach sand
glycerinmoistenervegetable oil
poloxamersupermild detergentnatural gas
cellulose gumthickener, foamertrees
peppermintflavorMenta piperita
anatasesafe colormineral ore
Methocelfoamer, thickenertrees
glycyrrhizinflavorGlycyrrhiza glabra
sodium hydroxideadjusts pHsea water

Prior Endorsements for Squigle Toothpaste Products

Squigle has been endorsed by numerous past users for its full effectiveness in treating canker sores, gum diseases, dry mouth issues, periodontal dermatitis and even certain mouth ulcers known to often stem from prior cancer treatments. As if that alone were not enough, numerous industry experts likewise recommended Squigle for the very same reasons ---- these included physicians, dental hygienists and assistants, and even general dentists. But furthermore, it must be for a good reason that has taken a step even further in citing the brand as its preferred long-term canker sore treatment solution.

In addition, the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation has given its own “two cents” on the matter, as well, noting Squigle products as some of the most preferred around for its business. A full official endorsement had been given as well. But that is not all --- far from it…..The Sun Florida Sentinel, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and countless others have additionally given their positive input on the matter. For more on that, please have a look here to see the full professional references we refer to.

Comparison & Differences to Note Between the Two Toothpastes Offered by Squigle, and What Makes Each One Unique:

Here it is --- the moment of truth you’ve all been waiting for. I know I certainly feel proud comparing two of my favorite toothpastes, side by side, even if just briefly. Here, we are going to look at a few distinctive elements each one offers in order to provide some guidance as to which one you may decide is best for your needs. Let’s have a look!

Squigle Toothpaste 3

First of all, know that both products attack each of the numerous “dental assailants” just mentioned earlier, but both proceed in doing so a bit differently. Each one goes by a different method in achieving its end goal. “To each his own”, as they say, right?

Squigle Toothpaste

Squigle, first of all, comes in a mild peppermint flavor that is somewhat bold but not too strong, which offers a nice little “kick in your mouth”, if you ask me. When compared with Tooth Builder, which offers no stated flavor at all, this is always a plus. It puts this product ahead of the game…..

Moreover, it’s known to offer 50% relief for sensitive teeth, thereby helping a great majority of Americans who admittedly hold a bit more sensitivity. It tailors to this need well, yet it does still contain fluoride, a chemical ingredient proven to potentially damage your health and well being in the long run. Countless natural suppliers alone have already unashamedly spoken out against fluoride and its detrimental effects, even citing depression and Alzheimer’s disease in correlation to this ingredient. Squigle toothpaste contains no soluble calcium or nanosized calcite ingredients and uses silica as its abrasive. Its totaled net weight stands at only a mere 4 oz.

Squigle is, additionally, proudly made without any use of animal products or need for animal testing. It also contains no harsh abrasives, artificial colors or sweeteners for enhancement or irritating detergents. This product and its brother, the Tooth Builder toothpaste, are actually the only two toothpastes in the entire world to use quality ultra-high Xylitol. They’re both likewise the only U.S.-made toothpastes, as such, that likewise use All-American ingredients and packaging.

Tooth Builder Toothpaste

The Tooth Builder toothpaste, as we mentioned, boasts no added flavor. This can be good or bad, depending on the individual and his preferences. On one hand, this means less artificial or chemical additives, but on the other, it implies a lack of taste in the mouth, which some still like to experience when they brush. Yet it makes up for that by offering even more relief for those with extra sensitive pearly whites, even up to 99%, surpassing the 50% offered by the Squigle toothpaste. But the best part follows…..

This product contains no fluoride of any kind, another major advantage it holds in the health arena. It contains soluble calcium and does employ nanosized calcite as well. Calcite, as you may have already guessed, is the main abrasive in motion here. The net weight is 4.4 oz.

And like with the Squigle toothpaste, the Tooth Builder toothpaste doesn’t derive its high Xylitol concentrations from ‘traditional’ corn cob Chinese Xylitol (as most high Xylitol products tend to do), but is instead fully made from U.S. birch and beech trees. This second product also uses cellulose gum as one of its ingredients, taken from U.S. trees, to act as a solid thickener and foamer altogether. How do you like that???

Final Wrap Up: Closing Thoughts to Consider

So with two great products each offering solid ingredients like natural Xylitol, purified water, silica, poloxamer, cellulose gum, Methocel®, and much more, one can’t go wrong. Neither can they when they choose to invest in any U.S.-made, U.S.-backed product that’s already been endorsed by the likes of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, in addition to countless other industry experts and past users. Make a purchase today!