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Too Many Teeth - Hyperdontia

Author : Efrain S.

And while the two may often be intertwined by inference, Hyperdontia ( condition of having too many teeth in one’s mouth ) and Hypotonia ( term to describe deceased muscle tone, and can be benign and in all ages ) are not equivalent. Just for reference. One is not akin to holding an actual equality with the other…. they are both totally and technically different, in other words, and not the same in any sense. I wanted to start this blog by clarifying that as a great majority of people today have tended to get the two terms confused, or mix one for the other.

Hyperdontia is a serious condition that must be checked and treated. Are you worried you might have it or that someone you know does? Well, find a dentist asap, and hopefully, one that lets you become a patient in an instant so you can get treatment as soon as possible ( not to mention one that takes your insurance provider or even offers care if you have no insurance, in some cases ) . My local dentist, for instance, charges no pre-requisite fees to apply and anyone is welcome to do so. To apply for a patient account, expect a far more stringent and time-consuming process altogether than the usual, but anyways….that’s just my dentist. I’m sure you can find plenty of others out there that can work with you.

Anyways, on to the main point, and that, my friend, is that hyperdontia can come in all sorts of forms, meaning you have just as little as 1 or 2 extra teeth that you need to get rid of…. or something more extreme, like 16 extras. Either way, the first thing you will want to know about it is that these extras are often technically referred to ( yes, the technical term is what we like to use, he heh ) as ‘super - numary’. These super – numary teeth mean business, and if you don’t deal with them, they can force other teeth, gums and oral areas surrounding the tongue out of their proper place, in turn, causing all sorts of other conundrums. SO it is in your best interest to see a dentist. I say it again.

Now, most healthy adults have 32 teeth and this is a good number, all in all, to stay within —- if you have more than 32 in the mouth, including the ones in the back and front, up and down, then it may be the best idea to get a consultation done by your dental professional as soon as you can. Gardner’s Syndrome ( not to scare you ) has been associated with having super – numary teeth, in some cases, which is why you MUST get a professional opinion. To add to this, some have even tested positive for none other than Ehlers–Danlos syndrome ( even as Type III, which is the worst phase of this illness, all in all ) as a result of or in connection with Hyperdontia. Big deal, it is!