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Best Toothbrush For Composite Veneers

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Have you heard of Dr. Kosdon? He would recommend that, regardless of the specific brand or make of veneers that you have ( even including composite ones, of course, he he he he heh ) , you ought to go with the electric tooth – brush. But not just that, go with any of these that is made by Sonicare. So there you have it. But wait…. I want to talk to you some more…..

Now, then, first of all, Sonicare does sell a lot of its models to us all…. so how can you even pick one out? Well, remember to get something soft – bristled, and the box or label ought to say what exactly the tooth – brush is. And in all cases, if still unsure after you have examined it for yourself, you can always be extra safe and further research that model online or just ask an expert or the seller themselves. They can more than likely give some help.

You see, when you have composite veneers, you need to be extra careful and sensitive around the gum lying around them, your gums, in other words… and this is an issue that, as a matter of fact, the great majority of people really do tend to somehow forget about. They spend so much time brushing, flossing, scrubbing, cleaning, etc…. their crowns, veneers, and teeth, for instance, that they often forget just how fragile and sensitive that the gum material beneath or above them really is. And when you make the conscious effort to care for your gums and be gentle with them, then they will, in turn, do their part and thank you by better holding up your veneers and being a more solid ‘footing’ or structure, if you will, for whatever is being supported ( in this case, your composite veneers…. so see how that works? If not, read that part again, more slowly, and it will make sense, he he he heh…. it may click in your brain after the second time, and that is perfectly okay…. there is a lot to digest in what I’ve wrote, he he heh ) .

The Sonicare 1 or the Sonicare 2, to give you some specific model names, are super terrific. If you have a hard time picking out a Sonicare, then just go with one of these two and know that they will take good care of your oral area and not mess up your veneers ( be they of plastic, porcelain or anything else, these two brushes will pass them by with the gentlest of scrubs, even though they scrub fast while in there, he he he heh ) .

You can also look for any other model that may be a little – cheaper ( just don’t forget that it ought to ideally be ‘soft - bristled’ like I noted ) . Thanks. Have a great day!