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How To Clean Philips Sonicare

Author : Efrain S.

I first off congratulate you for getting yourself a toothbrush like this one and likewise know that your buy will be one that will last a good life – time if you take care of it…. this, for one, was a heck of a solid buy for me as well. So you know I endorse it and congratulate anyone and everyone who buys one ( and I do not even work for Philips or am paid to endorse its products or anything like that at all, he heh …. you know I am saying this from the genuine bottom of my heart because I like this toothbrush and have fun writing about it, no joke ) .

Now, I myself went through some trial and error the first few times since I was too lazy to open my user guide and read it. Had I done that, I would have saved myself from a whole world of pain, but I chose to do things the hard way. I was just happy to have this new toothbrush in my hands and did not care about anything else, at the time…. including reading on how to best use it and maintain it. So anyways, I hope this is not YOU as well. But if it is, read on….

Now first of all, I want you to just rinse that head and its bristles carefully ( warm water can be ideal for it and at least 1 minute of rinsing or so —- no, you do not have to use a timer to time the 1 minute, he he heh ) . Also, get a nice, clean, damp cloth and wipe the handle ( you can put just water on the cloth or even a light cleaning solution, keeping in mind that you should not spray too much on the cloth, but just a small, light amount as I said ) . Do that every day, at least one time after each brushing session.

Now for the weekly type of cleaning that you can add to this, as well, pull the head straight off and rinse its bottom carefully with that same, warm soapy water. Also get the metal shaft area, too. Wipe the handle once more and re – assemble, putting the head back on carefully. Here is a neat little ‘side tip’ as well….

Have you ever thought about sanitizing your own brush head as well? If you have, then lucky for you, Philips has got the product for just that. And it is called the Philips Sonicare UV Brush Head Sanitizer. Look it up sometime. It has been effectively proven to clean out and kill — get this —- 99 % ( PRACTICALLY A FULL, 100 % IF YOU ASK ME ) of all bacteria on the toothbrush. So why not check it out when you can, and give us a quick ‘hello’ or thumbs up in some way if you liked this….