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There is a solution to all of your toothpaste tube squeezing problems! If you don’t have one, you probably need a toothpaste squeezer.

What is the problem?

Toothpaste tubes are one of the more simple things you could buy but they can get messy quick. They start out all neat and clean. Just squeeze anywhere and toothpaste comes out the end. Before you know it you have paste squeezed all to one end or the other with empty sections here and there. Eventually the tube gets so messed up that every time you want more toothpaste you have to squeeze the tube at a weird angle or scrape the tube along the edge of the sink to get it all to the end of the tube.

When the tube starts to get low it can take a lot of effort to squeeze more toothpaste out. It gets even harder to get all of the toothpaste out and you may end up missing some. Toothpaste is wasted. You spend more money buying it even more frequently. Besides money, you need to waste your time going to the store for new toothpaste way more frequently than you might like. Even ordering online can be a timewaster.

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A messy, uneven tube of toothpaste makes it much harder to visually tell how much is in the tube. This is bad enough by itself. You need to be able to gauge how much you have.

Ultimately it is just frustrating. It is frustrating having to struggle with a messy toothpaste tube. It is frustrating having to put in extra effort just to get a little paste out. At the end, when you can’t get all of the toothpaste out, that is the worst of all.

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It doesn’t end there though. It can even lead to arguments between people who share a tube of toothpaste. Different people have different ways doing things. Often times one person prefers to roll the tube as they go while another person just squeezes anywhere haphazardly. This is a very common cause of domestic disagreements. It may seem like a small thing but it leads to more divorces than you would think. This is a bigger deal than leaving the toilet seat up or loading the toilet paper the wrong way.

What is the solution? Toothpaste Squeezer

Get a toothpaste squeezer. This is the easy fix. You may have your own ad-hoc solution (everybody does) but getting one of these will be way better. You won’t have any more disagreements about which is the best way to manage a tube of toothpaste. It will basically take care for everything for you.

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With one of these magical devices you won’t have to manually roll the tube anymore. You won’t have to worry about the tube being unevenly distributed. There won’t be anymore wasted toothpaste or wasted money. There won’t be anymore frustration trying to get that last bit out. This will be one less messy thing to deal with.

About how a toothpaste squeezer works

A toothpaste tube squeezer works by starting at the end of the tube and squeezing. It connects to the end of the tube and just moved down the tube until it reaches the end. It moves perfectly from one end to the other without leaving anything behind. It basically squeezes every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. You won’t have to worry about wasting any.

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There are more different types and variations of toothpaste squeezers than we could possibly keep track of. They range from just a simple plastic clip that can be pushed down the tube to elaborate metal contraptions with gears, bars, and a hand crank. They range from a couple dollars to hundreds. They can be super cheap or pretty expensive. Just looking at the selection available on the internet can be overwhelming. We have actually written an article to help you find the best toothpaste squeezer for you.

How I feel about it

Having a toothpaste squeezer has changed my life. I used to have to squeeze it along the edge of the sink every so often but not anymore. I hate having to shop for new things over and over just to have them used up before I know it. This has reduced how often I need to shop for at least one item. It has reduced the number of arguments in my house about how to manage toothpaste. This nifty little device has saved me lots of time and effort. The frustration associated with my bathroom has just melted away.

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I can now sleep better at night. If I had known how much trouble these things would save me and how inexpensive they are, I would have aquired one years ago. Luckily for you, you have come across this article and don’t have to wait any longer to discover the magic that will revitalize your bathroom.

Other Uses for a Toothpaste Squeezer

As great of a device as this is, it still has more to offer. Many other things come in tubes besides toothpaste. You can multiply these amazing benefits may times over. It isn’t going to cost you much either if you select one of the high quality / low cost variations (most are both of these things).

These squeezers can be used for tubes of lotion and ointment. Botho of these things can get even messier than toothpaste. You can also use it for makeup if that is what your makeup comes in (I wouldn’t know, I don’t use makeup myself). They are just really great for anything else that comes in a tube.

Scam / Corporate Conspiracy

With how simple these things are, you might wonder why they aren’t included with every tube of toothpaste sold. You might ask yourself why they aren’t sold everywhere. You might even ask why tubes aren’t designed in such a way as to make this a non issue in the first place.

Is this just a scam to get people to buy toothpaste more frequently? Sales do go up when people go through a product faster. Would they do this intentionally? Sure, it is in the best interest of toothpaste manufacturers to prevent you from using every last bit of paste. A squeezer and a new tube of toothpaste cost about the same but you only have to buy the squeezer once. It isn’t a recurring expense.

Why would they care about just a tiny bit at the end of your tube? That can’t be worth much; can it? Let see for ourselves. To make things simple, let's assume a new tube of toothpaste costs you about $3. It will probably take about 2 months to use it all up. You might have about 2% left that you just can’t squeeze out. That 2% is worth about 6 cents or $0.06. After 12 months that is $0.36. It has been estimated that about 900,000,000 tubes are sold each year in the USA alone.

$0.36 * 900,000,000 = $324,000,000

That means that the industry brings in about $324 million each year just because of wasted toothpaste at the end of the tube. That is a huge incentive to have people waste more of what they buy. A toothpaste squeezer could be viewed as a threat to this. This is industry wide but just for the US. It gets even bigger if you consider the rest of the world.

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The toothpaste manufacturers are increasing their profits at your expense. They likely know what they are doing and are likely doing it intentionally. They are making your life slightly harder so that they can earn a huge chunk of cash.

Don’t let them get away with it. Get yourself a toothpaste squeezer today!