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Metal Dentures

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Metal dentures are not completely built from metal. Only the base is made of metal. There are two types:

You might have heard so many good and bad things, right? About metal dentures, I mean. Or you might just want to read - up on a little bit more about them, in general, either of which is no crime (unless you fail to share what you have read with others you care about, he he heh)…

Now, what do you want to know first, guy (or gal)? Well, how about that cobalt chrome tends to be what most of these metal solutions for regular dentures are made out of, in the first place? I bet you might not have known that, right? (Now you can feel free to shout it right off your roof - top, if you choose to, but be careful not to fall off, he he heh, like that one classic Santa Clause movie I always forget the name of)…..

But anyways, this type of metal is actually quite, quite strong —- I’ll have you know. In fact, Cobalt is no laughing joke (so stop if you’re giggling, lol). But in all seriousness, here, it comes with some of the very strongest corrosion - resistance properties you can ever think to imagine, and there is more —- it’s also a very, very light metal (feathery, some have said, ha ha hah). It is lighter than most, would you believe it? That’s why a denture made of metal does not mess around…it means YOUR business, and it delivers all that it promises.

Keep in mind also that, in general, chrome is hypo - allergenic. Now I have to put myself in your mind, for just another second — what else might you want to know about metal dentures, my friends? Well, I can look into the crystal ball here called my computer screen (gotcha) for just one second and psychically see that your next question is actually something of this form, “Well, if I get metal dentures, or currently have them in place right now, perhaps, how do I best take care of them?”. Was my guess right? Was that your next question?

Well, assuming it was, and the crystal ball - PC screen never lies (neither does Google, he he heh), then the answer is to first of all take good care of any natural gums + teeth you might still have. DO NOT let those die off and need replacement as well. Preserve what you have. Also make sure that you soak in those metal dentures every night or when you are not using them…use not just any old soap and water but a special solution made for this. Yes, many brands offer denture - cleaning solutions, with full instructions included and all else you need ; some even sell denture kits. These may vary by their seller and make, of course, but ideally, most will tell you not to soak the metal denture over - night as that can be bad. Always read the label and the user guide, even if you think you already know all that it’s going to say.