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Best Toothbrush For Crowded Teeth

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

You like Oral – B? I would say that, 2nd only to Philips Sonicare, this type of brand brush is my all – time favorite. And since I mention that, let me tell you that one of their tooth – brush is the best one, in my view, for crowded teeth. So let’s get to chatting about it some more!!!

First of all, it is called the Oral – B 8000. And before you ask me another question on it, let me interrupt and say this…. yes. Yes : it is electric. Yes : it is blue – tooth enabled and connected. And yes : it is easily recharged. And guess what else? It has its own pressure sensor that works at its peak when you need it to. Top – performing brush, low price to ask : only $100 or less ( and I have seen it slightly under that, when browsing by used ones and by less – known sellers on the web ) . And yes, when your teeth are crowded and you need to brush smartly and ever – so gently, all at the same time, then this tooth – brush is no less than GENIUS! Indeed, it’s sent by God…. a true gift to men, he he he heh.

And speaking of genius, that is, as a matter of fact, what you can rightly call this tooth – brush, in the literal sense as well…. what I mean is that this tooth – brush is, in technical terms, actually called the ORAL – B , GENIUS PRO – 8000 ( or you can just call it as others do, the Oral – B 8000 ) . If you brush on your crowded teeth too hard, you can cause them more pain, even more than what they often already feel, most likely, from being crowded for space all the time…. but check this out : this 8000 model tooth – brush actually turns its own sensor light to red when you brush too hard. He heh. So it means to actually tell you to brush softer, and it will instantly let you know that you need to adjust your brushing habits. Now, then, how frickin’ cool is that? Very, very, very frickin’ cool, I will care to admit! He heh.

And guess what else I want to tell you about?

Well, a tooth – brush like this one combines both vibration sensitivity, along with rotation speed and potential, to ensure that plenty of proper cleaning gets done, all while not hurting your teeth or your gums ( or causing either of the two any pain as a result…. no discomfort to be felt here from using such a tooth – brush ) . And not only that but it also keeps you on a full 2 – minute timer which basically just means that you will not brush too much time or too little time, by accident / carelessness. Very nice, I would add!