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How to Make Partial Dentures Fit Better

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Partial dentures, my friends, REALLY CAN fit better, but you have to look at so many other things here. It is maybe not as simple as one might think to start off with. The first major point of interest I would like to point your attention to is of WHO actually designed, molded and fully constructed this type of partial denture, so to speak. We have to properly source it. It also can depend on just which dentist worked on the denture, in whole or partly, before sending over their work to the lab for follow - up.

Now, you might want to grasp the fact that any part of these two processes being wrong will affect the whole partial denture, making it wrong. Prosthodontists, on that note, are some of the only few people in the world who can make your partial dentures better and work with what they have been given. Their education requires a very detailed level of experience that even many skilled dentists themselves do not have. This makes them quite rare and puts them in some high demand, as thorough experts ; and the price you pay to see one, as such, for this special need, will not always be reasonable but is often well - worth it. Their speciality area lies in the replacement of your tooth, or should I say teeth? It depends on what you need done there. And they also heavily work with tooth restoration, knowing the many in’s and out’s of it like few others ever do. You could say they know more about less — some call them dentists with a PhD.

They would carefully approach each and every single one of the steps needed, as such, in getting that partial denture to be able to properly and comfortably be able to fit inside anyone’s mouth, and that takes devotion, to say the very least. They may screen you several times and sit down for a few different chats, laying out everything that is going to take place next in the process and what will be needed from you at every step. They will mention how exactly this partial denture will be fitted to fit.

On another note, if you can not afford to go to one of these pros (as most of us can not), then you may try something else like dental adhesives. If the denture is loose, does not quite feel snug in there, any pharmacy store or basic grocery store should be able to have this adhesive ; try the drug stores like CVS or Walgreens first as they carry it in good supply, most of the time. Also know that, if you just got the partial dentures made and put on, you should give it a little bit of time as they have been known to adjust (or the patient himself / herself actually gets used to them and it doesn’t become a big issue anymore) to your mouth with time.