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Best Toothbrush For Hard Plaque

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Have you tried the ORAL – B PRO 1000 yet? I know that I have written on it at least once or twice, my good friends. But I would like to, among my many other reasons for praising it as the “best for” ( best for this, best for that, etc…. he he he heh heh ) , add one more : I call it the best for hard plaque as well. This tooth – brush has been proven. It has made its mark on our society in a good way. It really cleans and knocks out even some of the oldest or hardest of plaque residues in our mouths and loves to tell the world of all that it can do. It is worth me writing about, once more, but to cover it in this unique aspect this time around. So let us begin with it…..

First of all, it engages your tooth’s surface in such a unique way, enveloping some of the strongest and most precise, determined “circumferential action” right on that area. And such evidence has even been backed up properly, in person, by the likes of none other than people like the great David Tecosky, a modern dental expert of some renown in the U.S.

Not only that but you will also come to see that this tooth – brush includes a pressure sensor, too, like most of the best ones tend to do now. It will tell you to ease up, that you are brushing too hard or too fast, etc. And this helps because our first instinct, in many cases, when we have targeted really hard plaque areas and wish to clean them up, is to scrub really hard and fast…. but sometimes this can hurt, not to mention not be effective at all. So sometimes, we need to come up with a smarter approach to things, and that is where this electronically – automated and synchronized, perfectly – bristled and neatly timed tooth – brush can come in useful.

And did I also mention you this — that the tooth – brush features a timer known to pulse itself? As a matter of fact, you will even, in this model, find that the timer is right on the handle, for better convenience and to remind you that it is there when needed. It will pulsate once per half minute…. so every 30 seconds, to be exact. And when it does so, it is simply telling you that you must move it around ( to another part of the mouth ) to brush it there instead. So it makes sure you do not focus too much time on just one area of plaque. Because of course, if you fail to clean a certain area, and give too much attention to another, plaque can start to grow in that neglected area and thus harden over time, in many cases. But anyways, this tooth – brush attacks hard plaque, either way!