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Best Toothbrush For Deep Cleaning

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

They say the Oral – B PRO 1000 is great for getting in a real deep – scrub on a mouth that needs it, he heh heh. And I would not disagree with most people here, but I personally like the Smart 9300 made by Philips Sonicare when it comes to doing my own deep – cleaning. But why? Well, let me tell you…..

So first of all, I like the simple and easy – to – grasp fact that this tooth – brush is 4.5 stars in its ratings, with, get this —- nearly 7,000 people saying so. And that is just on AMZ alone! If Amazon users love it that much, and Amazon users tend to be super picky about products like these, I have noted, then that means it is one heck of a tooth – frickin’ - brush! He he he heh heh. And also, I have ( and I am just looking right now, this very second, as I write – up this next part, he he heh heh ) that Walmart, eBay and even Target, in their online stores, also feature it and hold it in high standings in my local area…. it is even available for instant pick – up and ordering online for store pick – up within a few hours. How neat is that? So this product is highly – stocked, well – sold and spoken – of ( especially for thorough, deep – cleaning needs, as countless users have mentioned ) and all in all, attractive. And you can get it in white, which is a perfect solid color for most tiles and tubs, or wherever in the bath – room you can find to mount its charger and leave it charging, he he he heh heh. But if white will not suffice for you then you do have other choices, thankfully —- choices such as rose gold, pink, black or even grey, to give you some ideas.

And let me tell you this — it’s got four special modes, made just for cleaning needs. So when you decide how deep you want the deep – clean ( he heh, I like the sound of that, when you say it loud, sounds cool ) , then just pick from either CLEAN, WHITE – PLUS, DEEP – CLEAN PLUS, or GUM HEALTH. The first 3 options are the best for deep – cleaning, and all feature different results of a thorough internal clean. Try the 3 to see which feels better and might be best for the needs of your own teeth ( and gums as well, not to mention, he he heh ) . The last option, the GUM HEALTH, is really a softer cleaning mode and works more gently, not engaging as much of a rapid deep – clean as the others. It is ideally intended for when you want to just go soft, for instance, if your teeth or gums are swelled or just feeling some pain, in general. Remember that. Use it wisely.