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Desquamative Gingivitis

Author : Efrain S.

Try saying the name of this gingivitis 10 times fast ; I dare ya. Ha! What an interesting name, and much more so, what an interesting ailment to be dealing with in your mouth. You do NOT want to have this.

But what is it, in the first place, you might be dying to know?


This happens when your gingiva looks more red than it ought to and thus shows its first sign that something is not well at all — and more so, you can even see or feel it more glazed than usual. BIG red flag. Do not ignore this but see your dental pro right away if you are concerned and see such symptoms. In addition to this, it has to do with your mucous membrane and if you thus see your gums more swollen or inflamed than is usual, stop what you are doing and make an appointment. Your health out to come first.

They say dapsone therapy, in addition to systemic approaches to suppress your immune system, can help you combat this — in addition to making a plan of action to improve your oral hygiene and prevent this from ever happening in the first place ( lack of constant oral care is the place from which this really stems, at the end of the day, or oral neglect…. your mouth, gums and teeth are important, folks, more than you might know ) . The first case of this was found in 1894 although the technical term for it, as we now know it, did not come about until just a bit later ( in 1932 ) . A very rare and extreme off – spurt of this condition, when it is not handled properly, is Crohn’s disease itself. Yes, that is correct…. in extreme cases, it can cause you to get Crohn’s disease. It is all a matter of time, ladies and gentlemen, which is why you want to act quicker than later ( before things get to “too late” or surgery might be needed, no joke ) .

Also, MMP, otherwise more commonly called Mucous membrane pemphigoid, is one of the major causes for this condition, all in all —- some attribute it as the main leading cause, in most cases. And this tends to be a chronic disorder and one of the ugliest, auto – immune ones, as well, affecting….you guessed it…. the oral. All your oral areas are vulnerable to its attacks. So brush up, use mouth – wash, and keep your mouth healthy.

And although MMP is a bit rare, people are still prone to getting it if they are not careful enough. They can even get blisters and lesions around the mouth as well, in addition to this. Such may even start emerging in other areas of the skin ( areas that are not even oral – related, if this problem is not dealt with in the timeliest manner that it can be ) .