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Best Toothbrush For Hard Brushers

Best tooth - brush for hard brushers By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Buy online. I start there. You save so much money. Trust me as I have saved hundreds by buying on the web. But if you absolutely must, however, then buying in store is fine, given that they have it in stock…. which can get tricky here, he he he heh.

Now, where your pain is at most —– tough issue to always assess. But in many cases, people often forget to stop and ask themselves one very simple and seemingly – dumb ( but it is not ) question : Am I perhaps brushing just a little bit too hard on my teeth? Well, that has been my case before, I will not lie…. especially when I have been fussing over something that happened at work that day, or am angry with someone in the home, or for some other cause. Yet regardless, some of us are just ‘hard brushers’, by nature, and that is okay, too…. a truth that has to be accepted for what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. And how else do you accept this and cope with it? Well, of course, you look for a good tooth – brush made for the ‘wild brusher’, as some call us, the hard type of brusher, he he he heh. And on that, I am going to speak today. Please listen up. Bring some note wads…. time to listen, learn, and write down some stuff for future thought…. take it all to heart, too, and here we go…..

So first of all, it has been my great experience that this tooth - brush has not let me down, and I will unashamedly be the first to fess up and say that I do like to get in there and brush pretty damn hard, on some days : Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush with 3 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads and Toothbrush Case, Black: Beauty

It is made by AI. It uses plenty of its in – built artificial intelligence, a great starting point. And with that said, it works to alert you when to brush less hard, tells you how long to brush ( with its timer ) and is even soft, also giving options for changing out its heads for softer ones, too. The bristles can be swapped as well. Soft or hard bristles…. you pick. It can all be done.

This can study your unique brushing behaviors, preferred style and preferences, and much else. This is thanks to the AI that I mentioned. It does feel a bit creepy, like they are spying on you…. but I learned to get over that feeling, he heh. After all, who isn’t spying down on us all, these days?

Also, the handle’s re – chargeable, which is a nice bonus. And when you want to brush softer, too, just feel that soft handle with your hand. Relax. And brush away. This tooth – brush will keep you on track.