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Will Coca-Cola Clean Dentures?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you are a real rock - hard sort of fan for sodas like Coca - Cola, then you are more than likely already over - familiarized with the fact that you can use it not for just drinking (the main reason people tend to buy it, he he heh) but also for cleaning out certain particles. What do I mean? Well, mainly for dumping some on your rusty car battery and helping its acid clean through it, so that you can even recognize what it looks like and help with some start - up issues as well. We clean certain things with very acidic pop like Coca - Cola, here in America (and I’m sure in other parts of this planet, too, unbeknownst to us), so there is really no shame in asking if we can clean other things, too, right? Like, per say, our own dentures? It’s worth askin’ the question….

Many have rightly tried this approach and found it to be of a satisfying result, noting that, the longer they wait to pour the liquid onto the tooth or denture / area, the harder it is to see it clean through. Stains only take about 20 minutes to a full half - hour to form, and it’s the same with the oral. So pour some Coca - Cola right over that denture, and then follow - up by cleaning it with a small, soft - bristle brush….do not just pour the drink on it and not follow up with some scrubbing, very important to remember.

The material, and the actual surface stain itself, will be less interactive with each other. It’s always easier to pour the drink down first within those first 20 minutes. And I will repeat it again, just in case you did not hear (or read) me here (hint hint) : it’s always easier to pour the drink down first within those first 20 minutes. Take care of a small problem before it can even be given a shot to become a bigger one, I always like to say.

If you don’t have any Coke, or any other sort of soda, lying around at home, you might also try using some water and baking soda —- as just a side note alternative here. These natural cleansers can mix together well (much more when you have a bit of glycerin, as well, or throw that into the mix). You can also try bleach and water, which many agree is actually more effective and fast, clearly seen in action, than what Coca - Cola itself can do. And if you’ve got full dentures, when you’re trying this, you might also quickly start to realize that this pink portion of the dentures will start to lose its color….not necessarily a bad thing. It just shows the mixture is potent and fast.

So try doing so with Coca - Cola handy and see the end result. But also don’t be afraid to try some of these other alternatives. It can never hurt to try so.