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Dead Tooth

A dead tooth is serious and is a reason to see a dentist as soon as possible. A dead tooth is basically tooth that has died. It basically no longer has blood flow and the nerves are either dying or dead. A tooth could die quickly ( days ) or over a long period of time ( months / years ). It can lead to infection of other teeth, your gums, or jaw.

Signs / Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

What causes a tooth to die?

It could be caused by:

What is the Treatment for a Dead Tooth?

You will generally either have:

Check it out. So you’ve wanted to know what a dead tooth is, then, in some detail? Perhaps wondered what some of the symptoms, causes, prevention steps and other aspects of it might entail as well? Read ahead…..

First of all, foul taste, foul odor and even gum pimples may be related to all this. If you experience any or all of the following, go see a doctor right away. He or she may either tell you to change your diet and lifestyle regimen as it relates to brushing and flossing, or otherwise, even, or a more permanent solution may need to be considered toward an immediate change --- such as a surgery or extraction, for instance. Either way, you needn’t worry too much but instead take some action as soon as possible to prevent further damage or illness from spreading orally….. 

Dead Tooth - More facts to note

Dead Tooth

Also, friend, you will want to keep in mind that pain and color change are two of the most crucial symptoms that can go along with having a dead tooth. So in this case, if you see any of these arise, then you can be about 99 % sure that’s what it is --- and a dead tooth should not linger in your mouth any longer than it needs to. Would you keep a corpse around in your house just for fun? I think not……so why have a dead, rotting tooth stinking up your mouth? Makes sense to get it moved out of there right away, right?

And if there’s an infection in the mouth, nine times out ten causable by a dead tooth and other ailments surrounding it, then this can cause further pain in your mouth --- your gums and teeth may feel it in any of numerous ways, and these are just clearly signs that it is giving you that it’s time to get that tooth removed. The body and mind are amazing, to say the least; they properly warn us of when something is clearly not right, and they do so in any way that’s possible in order to get our undivided attention. And pain is an undeniable warning sign, at that, one not to be ignored…..

When it comes down to tooth decay itself as another unruled underlying factor behind all of this, it will not plead innocent. Indeed, tooth decay starts slowly and progresses over time; the more you ignore the early symptoms of it, the easier it only becomes to continue to do so with the rightful passage of time --- until you eventually forget about the problem and go on living your life without flossing, brushing or even oral rinsing. All these disciplines are there for a reason, and that’s why the dentist insists on them to such a degree. He has seen the inside of a mouth that has fallen prey to many months of unignored tooth decay given room to growth, and he can certainly attest that it is not a pretty sight to behold.

Dental trauma, such as that which can come from blood vessels in the mouth bursting, due to a hard punch, bruise, accident or something else, is another factor that can cause a dead tooth --- and you may not even know the tooth is dead because it may not immediately die right away. And in fact, some people reading this right now may not have even known that teeth can just “die” without warning, and gradually. That’s right; it’s not always a process that happens overnight, but believe me, it does happen.

EVEN MORE facts to note

Also, and to further add, unbeknownst to many, dental traumas may also occur when people grind and clench their own teeth over time and fail to kick this habit to the curb. Doing so is a slow and silent killer, as they call it, another way to eventually give oneself a possible dead tooth. Get a mouth guard or something like it, instead, but do not clench or grind. It is simply not worth the health of your teeth --- or entire mouth, in that case. Find an alternative. You could even see a “habits doctor” or psychologist who can help you with this, if wearing a mouth guard in the day or sleeping with a night guard at night does not sound like something you would be comfortable doing.

Dead Tooth - Final word on this

And did you know that you can treat a dead tooth properly so that this does not remain a problem, or even become another one in the future? And there are many ways to do so, such as through getting a properly done, professional root canal therapy. This’ll attack the problem at its very source, going down to the root and base of the dead tooth and all other areas surrounding it, that may have any type of effect upon it --- or vice versa. Another great solution is to have that tooth extracted entirely, and you can even be sedated as the dentist does it; you won’t feel any pain or even know you are in a dentist’s chair getting a surgery performed.

Also, how about natural solutions? Some have tried this, and in fact, noted that they’ve managed to save certain teeth in the process. It’s another great route you can try, one that involves any mix of using natural tooth gels and toothpaste, along with following a more strictly organic, non-GMO diet, sleeping properly and much more. Some call it “holistic medicine”.

And let’s not forget: Nothing beats a good, formal visit to your loving dentist, at least once every six months. There is no remedy like it on earth. The dental team has all the tools and experience, not to mention hard years of schooling, to find any type of problem in your mouth and stop it from growing into something worse. Take advantage of their wisdom and insight while you still can.

Dead tooth? See your dentist. And try the tips we’ve just mentioned. Thanks for reading, friends, and let’s make our mouths a safer place!