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How To Remove Scratches From Car With Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

Whether you have a scratch on a car, or heck, even a small scar on your face ( scar, car, they both rhyme, he he heh, but anyways…. ) , you will come to find that you can remove its visibility to some extent when you use the right kind of toothpaste, being patient with it, and apply the best amount and continually…. it is a process but you can get there over time and be a winner. First of all, clean your car…. make sure your face is nice and dry, no debris, sweat, dust, you get the idea, my friend. A dry application is the best one as they say, especially when doing anything new to your car body or applying any cream or paste, all in all, so just remember that key point as well. NOW, then, the next thing you will want to hold on to as advice, as if your very life depends on it ( or maybe the life of your auto, I ought to say…. or I auto say, he he he heh ) , would be that water hoses and pipes, all in all, are perhaps not the very best idea in this instance…. when cleaning your car. So keep that in mind, too, friend, and let me share more….

You ought also to take note of the fact that the last tip I shared was not due to the fact that this will hurt your car, as water is basically harmless ( unless it is shot forth with way too much rapid force or speed, in which case it becomes another issue to have to deal with later, but anyways… ) . But it’s rather due to the fact that we now have a big water shortage on the planet and when you crunch the WHO or World Health Organization stats together, you come to a perplexing amount of fear…. and should thus make efforts to save on water. So just fill a bucket, get a sponge, and clean from there. Let as least water run from your hose or main pipes as possible, and you will be helping us all. And yes, by the way, you do NOT want to blast a fast – spray, power hose of water straight at a scratch or ding as that can, in fact, make the matter a bit ( or a lot, he he heh ) worse. So food for thought there.

Get a lightly wet cloth from your house. Put a little toothpaste on it. And then make circular motions ( like wax on, wax off, if you have seen the Karate Kid movies ) around the scratch. Do NOT put the toothpaste directly on the car. But like I said, put a small dab – amount on a lightly wet cloth and go from there. This ought to help at least remove some of the scratch visibility on the surface.