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Why Do Dentures Cause Burping?

Author : Efrain S.

Have you burped lately? Got dentures in place? Well, let’s talk about this….

First of all, in most cases, this all goes back to the root of the issue being that the dentures are not right…. they do not fit you anymore, have come off a bit loose, or were never properly ordered as the right size for your unique mouth. And it’s tricky to always get this perfectly right as each mouth is so unique and distinct from all others, and if the denture should so happen to dis – form in even the slightest fashion or tiddle, it can set the whole thing off and put your whole mouth on the wrong course, no joke. The denture has likely been sized and examined when you did your first denture impressions, to be a perfect fit for your mouth and yours only. But when it goes in your mouth, it changes the inner chemistry and feel of your mouth, all in all, affecting everything from how you swallow and salivate, to even how you sleep at night. It’s a true deal…. and yes, burping finds it way in there onto that list of possible concerns as medical experts in recent years have correlated denture problems with gas and digestion issues, to be quite frank, and it is no less than disturbing for many people ( myself included, too ) .

Dentures, gassiness, and the digestive system, all in all, can be connected in some way — it all comes down to dentures not fitting rightly as I said and thus causing you to even swallow more food than you normally would, when you chew, making for more aerophagia, in turn, and thus more bloating, burping, belching, etc. Not a pretty picture to think about, right? But it’s all true.

An improperly – sized or loosened set of dentures can also, on the other side of the spectrum entirely, cause you to NOT CHEW ENOUGH when you eat or bite down, and that, as a result, my dear friend, can cause the same digestion and bloating issues I mentioned, in addition to even diarrhea, in some cases… ouch. An upset stomach, food that is harder to digest, over – flatulence, you get the idea, and that is why it is so urgent for you to see an expert of good standing, someone in the oral profession ( be it an orthodontist or a dentist who is well – respected and liked by your city or town, as a whole ) to have a look at this. Sometimes it might just take a quick tweak with their tools, and your dentures can be re – adjusted and re – set for you, and you’ll be good to go. But in other cases, they might need to take out the dentures altogether and re – measure you with a new impression test, and then have you wait while it gets ordered and new dentures arrive for you… a new, proper fit.