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How To Replace Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head

Author : Efrain S.

So, then, if you replace that special brush head on this toothbrush model for a new one? It’s easy. And with that, 1 – 2- 3…. here we go!!!!

First off, you just grab the top of the brush head just right above the handle where it is placed, and since this brush head is so light, you can easily just grip it with a single hand if you prefer to do it that way…. and then just slide it right off the handle, and if it is not too worn out or rusty ( or jammed up from when it was put in last time ) then it ought to come right off with no pressure or not too much force / strain. Remember to yank up – wards when you pull it off, in other words, against the handle itself and going in an up direction. Easy peasy, right?

Now, then, a bit about the brush head itself and its design — by design, I mean it is designed to get nicely pushed up against that metal shaft…. and which metal shaft am I referring to, you might be asking? Silly goose, ha hah…. I’m talking about the one that extends itself all the way up from past the brush handle, of course. And in the same way that you slid off the brush head, is the same way that you are going to slide a new one in, of course…. and this time, instead of sliding upwards against the handle, you are going to do the very opposite thing : in other words, just slide downwards into the handle. And make sure it is nice and secure in place, by feeling it from the top down, and making sure it notches in and does not feel loose at all…. other – wise, contrary to the issue of the brush head being rusty and sticking / not coming off, you’d have the opposite problem on your hands here, which is a major ‘no bueno’, ha ha ha hah.

A side note —- if you are using the Philips Sonicare e – series type of brush, in this case, you need to note the fact that the brush head needs to get screwed onto its brush handle as this model is a bit different. Instead of pulling it off, or pushing it on, you would need to screw, so just keep that in the back of your fore – thoughts. But I hope you have the more basic model and not the e – series, which, in my own personal opinion, is a pain in the butt to work with and is not worth the money that you would pay on it. Do not get it ( unless you have already gotten it, in which case, you have my utmost pity, friend….. Ha ha hah hah ) . I hope you enjoyed this, and I pray you will share it.