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Best Toothbrush For Fussy Toddlers

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Have a little one who also screams and shouts ( and pouts, he he he heh ) to have his or her own way when it comes to brushing? Well, then, this read is just for you! You will have a nice little treat in reading some of the words that I am about to type for you here, my friend, so stay here…..

Now then, the very first thing that I want to bring to light is the plain fact that many a good thing has been spoken. Yes, in fact, this tooth – brush is really revered by many a parent of a fussy toddler, he he he heh…. so if parents are saying that it works, then it works, right? I would think so! And it’s here — NUK Grins And Giggles Three-Sided Baby Fingerbrush And Cleanser Set, Apple Banana, 1.4 Oz - -

Now, this finger – brush sort of tooth – brush ( with full kit included and more ) is really, really interesting…. so much so that it blew my mind when I read up all that I could on it. As a matter of fact, I will start with just saying this —- the look and feel of it, all in all, gives off the vibe of being one of those fun play toys, so that, if you ask me, is a great way to get a toddler’s attention and keep it. That is where we start, all in all, if we really want him or her to stop fussing and first open up to and feel comfortable around the tooth – brush ( so that they can then, as a next step, put it in their mouth, move it around and play with it, thereby brushing their oral areas gently without knowing it…. all while just having some fun, he eh heh… we tricked them into brushing their gums or teeth, he he he heh…. shame on us…. just kidding ) . All you would have to do is put the tooth – paste on that tooth – brush and then introduce it to your child ( and a quick side – hint is this : make the tooth – paste a nice, catchy flavor, that they can love the smell of and are hopefully aroused by / not allergic to, and will WANT to stick in their mouth… my toddler, for instance, liked strawberry ) .

This toddler tooth – brush mainly comes in banana flavor and apple, as part of its set. And that is also what I like about is so much…. that it comes in a set with other stuff, including the flavors. The tooth – brush itself is even so awesome that it could be sold alone, and people would still buy it ( heck, they already do, he he he heh…. just see all the ratings ) . We love this tooth – brush.