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How Long does Teeth Whitening Last?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you are planning to whiten your teeth you are probably wondering how long teeth whitening lasts.

How long teeth whitening lasts:

Teeth are treasure (and not just the gold - plated teeth, but all the ones in our mouth, he he heh), and I don’t know one person who has not agreed that they are worth preserving and valuing, especially as long as possible. We all want to keep our real, original teeth in our mouth (and whiter than ever, no less) for as long as we possibly can, no? And that is just one of the many reasons we like teeth - whitening, but we also tend to ask just how long its effects can serve us for, in the end (and I know you have asked this question, too, now, don’t be shy)…..

If you want your whitened teeth to stay white longer, avoid staining them with the following:

Now, based on the findings of most dental experts and source online, of high value and a solid reputation, the agreed - upon consensus has been that teeth that have been naturally whitened always tend to last the longest : In other words, if you can resist it, don’t buy - out for that toxic cosmetic stuff or even professional teeth whitening services as they can and will tend to brightly whiten your teeth but only for the short - term (2 - 3 years, at very best) while then leaving your teeth a bit worse and in need of another professional whitening…and the cycle will continue. What is this approach not a permanent fix, you might ask (as I know you do, he he heh)? The simple answer is this — God did not make our teeth to need professional whitening services ; a natural and organic approach is always what nature had intended, from the very get - go. Our teeth, and our entire bodies, in fact, are not kind or welcoming to synthetic fillers, GMO foods, and other artificial intake approaches of any sort. You like at people in ancient history, any era, per say, and notice how vibrant, strong and long - lived they were (take the Norse vikings, for example, or even King Solomon), and instantly know that something had to be different about them…their original diet, approach to life, healthy pollution - free environment, and much more, right? Their longevity was a tremendous secret which seems to be less preserved these days, thanks to junk food, botox surgeries, artificial teeth, and the list goes on and on and on (I could keep writing here all day about it, he heh)…..

You could try Sprouts or Whole Foods, though. Even Natural Grocers can lend a hand. These stores offer fully natural approaches for teeth whitening. But like I said earlier, the TRULY long - lasting approach is the one that starts with you : Avoiding coffee, or at least too much of it, not eating junk food or sugary foods / drinks in high amounts, exercising regularly, flossing daily, brushing for at last 2 minutes, and all the “boring” yada yada.

Save your money and keep your oral health. Knock out two birds with a single fling of your slingshot. Start taking better care of your teeth yourself.

Remember to brush twice a day!