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Why Do Dentures Fall Out?

Author : Efrain S.

Most conventional dentures are valued at $1,225 to $2,950 or more, thus I do not like the notion or analogy that they are like loose change. Some say they are cheap. If a true professional does them, they should not be, ever. I once got them super cheap at under $600 and they fell right out, and I had a bunch of other issues with them as well ( not to mention with the entire dental office that treated me for these…. a true tale I shared in another page here, check out the other blogs, he he he heh heh ) .

But anyways, dentures fall out due to bone resorption as one of the main causes though there can be any wide range of other issues under – lying at the root of it all, of course. But bone resorption has to do with the fact that your gums start to wear themselves out ( like tires on a car, to pick an analogy, he he heh ) and eventually shrink ( yes, I did say shrink ) as they no longer see it a need to keep your teeth properly in their due place. You might be reading this, and thinking, “uh - oh”….. and Uh – oh is right!

But there is a way to stop this bone resorption and to let the issue not even pose a threat to you in the first place, my friend, so do not be scared at all…. just read on to what I have to say. I will help….

First of all, to avoid this, you need to be sure to use your jaw more and keep it in motion as much as possible. What I mean by that sentence is this, of course — chew plenty and often through – out your day. Think of it as getting in a solid work – out or taking that jaw to the gym to get it fit, he heh, and one easy way you can do this is by buying a cheap $1 pack of chewing gum at your local grocery store or gas pump. Easy, right? A $1 - $2 pack ought to last you a whole week so you won’t be spending much, he heh, and at the same time, get to working out that jaw and getting it fit.

Chew some gum every day. Bite down a good, hard sirloin every week or so. Chomp down on some carrots. Get that jaw moving to keep it strong and stop those dentures from getting loose and then falling.

But of course, they can also fall out from every – day wear. If this is the case, see your dental pro. They may say if it’s time for new ones or an exam for some re - adjusting. If it’s been awhile since you visited, it might be time to do so again.

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