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Gap Between Teeth - Common Issue

Author : Efrain S.

Having a gap anywhere between your teeth should not make you feel like an outcast, my dear friend, and I am sure it will comfort your heart and mind to a great degree just to hear from me that this issue affects hundreds upon hundreds of Americans of varied ages, each and every single day. There. I said it. And it’s true, no less. But let’s talk some more….

First and foremost of all, it all starts when you are a small and help – less baby, of course — this is perfectly common and to be expected in babies, on that note. And if you have baby teeth as you get older, still retaining these from before, having gaps in between them is still as normal as Apple pie on a hot Sunday after – noon. You get my drift here, no? Relax.

Now, when you are an adult and have gaps between your front teeth, on another note ( and these are not baby teeth ) , the gaps will actually close on their own ( so there is no need to worry about that, in most cases, he he he heh ) and new teeth grow into place to cover them. This happens like 7 times out of 10. No biggie. Now, you might be wondering what actually causes these gaps in the first place? A very good question to ask me, and I would love to tell you, my friend….

The answer is simple and it is this —- a fraenum, in most cases, is behind it all. And this fraenum is actually sitting lower than where it needs to be sitting ( and is under its ‘ideal range’, you could say ) . What I am talking about is basically like a small skin – fold that is found right inside the upper part of your lip, all in all, which, as you might guess, plays a larger role than you might have ever known. Just use your index finger to lift up on your top lip, and feel the back of the inside of it, and wiggle around a little, and you should be feeling it…. if you want to, for fun, he he he heh. Your upper gum portion connects with your top lip, of course, and it is all thanks to the fraenum. It does its job well.

If your jaws happen to be bigger than your teeth, this can also be a cause of the gap and it is also somewhat common…. yet not as common as a fraenum naughtily sitting where it should not be, he he heh. But also, if you have too many teeth or even extra ones that have to sit in the back or get pushed back / push other ones out of place, this can, in turn, create a gap. So with all that said, any of these main issues can be the one behind your gap.