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Super Floss

What is Super Floss? Want to know more? Keep reading.

You may have heard of Oral - B’s Super Floss, a modern wide - gap, brace and bridge solution for our day and age. Those who need a thorough clean in these areas will benefit from an item like Super Floss, but let’s see more…..

How to Use Super Floss

What is Super Floss?

Super Floss is a special type of floss made by Oral-B. It is great for:

It is basically composed of the following:

Oral-B Super Floss

Super Floss already has hundreds of reviews online, mostly positive, attesting to the fact that it does work and can offer some value. Wide gaps, in case you were wondering, by the way, are those areas in between each tooth of your mouth; sometimes they are a little harder to reach, especially if they’re right in the back by the molars, and can thus require more of a deep cleaning. But braces and bridges also need to be properly cleaned out and regularly. 

So for knocking out a deep clean on all these areas, Super Floss is here, like a true superhero flying in to save the day --- the helping victims being your teeth and gums, which are in peril from bacteria - filled wide gaps, braces and bridges! But not to worry: Your super hero is here, and this time not wearing any ridiculous whitey tighties (thank God for that). 

Super Floss offers three very unique components worthy of great note here, and they are its dental floss threader of a more stiffened end, its regular floss, and last but not least, its spongy floss. These 3 make up the super hero’s weapons. But it needs a sidekick. Maybe we’ll leave that for another time….

Anyways, back to the seriousness of the matter, here’s a few more things this super hero can do like no other:

It can even let you floss under appliances.

It can clean around such appliances and even works between wide spaces.

It can remove any plaque villains that have been hiding under your gum line, away from your watchful eye. But Super Floss sees them! 

It can properly supply you with some pre - measured strands, 50 to be exact, for maximum benefit.  

But wait! There’s more. What else????

Can it fly? Can it hop the tallest buildings in one bound? Can it shoot lasers from its eyes or solar jet flares out of its nostrils?

Yes to all of these!

Actually, that would be a “no” to them all, but I did manage to pique your interest and keep you reading forward, didn’t I? So that’s a plus.

But in all seriousness, a product such as this one delivers excellence. Here’s some more things to keep in mind, too, though. Do not let them make or break your decision to buy this product…..just take in the bad with the good; it’s still a great product overall……

Oral-B Super Floss

MORE facts to note

First of all, the floss is not flavored. So make note of that and don’t expect to feel any flavor or minty refreshment after - taste as you’re about to use it. Just use it for what it is and take it at face value. And don’t expect too much; sometimes flavor - less is a flavor of its own, and simplicity is as good a feeling as any all depends on your mindset.

Also, and to further note, each dental floss strip, for this particular product, has not been individually wrapped. For some, that’s a big necessity. Others don’t mind as much…..this just simply means that, similar to when you use a box of tissues, you need to pull each out one at a time. And you open the box in the same way you would open a box of Kleenexes. It’s not a huge deal --- some, in fact, love the way this does it....

In addition, the end contains a stiff piece that thus allows you to thread the floss all the way through your teeth; it’s pretty nice to have, I must admit. But also, this piece is followed by a section that’s appx. 6", which is both thicker and fluffier and lets you more effectively “clean out those wider areas”. For me, when I used it, this area was an area right above my middle tooth in its bridge. And it worked well.

But furthermore, still, that piece is then followed by another, which is quite a long piece of standard floss, yet it’s somewhat thicker and ropier --- at least, more so than my usual Oral - B floss I grew so accustomed to after all these years. In my personal opinion, the floss is over - excessive in its length, and though there’s no problems with how well it can work on my bridge, the floss part of it all is still too thick for me, especially when accounting for the rest of my mouth. As you can guess, this means I only engage about ⅓  of every piece, wishing the pieces were truly shorter so that I wouldn’t waste so much in my mouth.

To further add some insight, quality assurance and customer support are offered here, along with for every other product purchased from Oral - B. This means that if you ever have any other questions or simply require further clarification on any aspect of use, you can always feel free to reach out to them by phone to their 1 - 800 number. Or you could also send them a message online at their website. Most inquiries are usually attended to within the same week though things may get a little slower around the holidays.

How to floss with Braces

If you are not sure how to floss with braces, just watch this video.

Super Floss - Final thoughts

You may have wondered what the Oral - B  product was for. And thankfully, now you know. And you can also find out more about other Oral - B products through a quick search engine inquiry. Oral - B’s got dozens of other great oral care items it sells regularly! 

So there’s no need to fear anymore, when you have braces or bridges or wide gaps in distress. For Super Floss is here to save the day. And though it doesn’t possess the ability to fly, to read your mind, to shoot lasers or even to wear amazingly uncomfortably white boxer shorts and a cape, it can still offer oral cleansing and relief like never before. Check it out today! There’s no time to waste.