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Grow New Teeth Naturally

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Now, as many of us already know, certain species have this ability : We, humans, may or may not. Research continues heavily on this subject and is now up for so much debate. It is highly talked about (and some won’t even shut up about the options with it, if it were eventually able to be pulled off successfully, which does not seem to have been done yet) in all kinds of social mediums. Also, on this note about certain species having that sort of super power, if you will, did you know that alligators count as one certain very important species with this trait? In fact, experts all over have noted that if one were to lose a tooth, it would be able to easily re - grow it up to 50 darn times! Wow. (But DO NOT try and get on the ground to wrestle with it, until you can knock the same tooth out 50 times….be a little more smart than some have been, he he heh).

Malawi Cichlids, by the way, are able to fully re - vamp their entire tooth collection, so to speak, replacing each and every single tooth in there, get this —- EVERY FIFTY DAYS. That is right. They can basically have a new collection of teeth to show the world every month and a half or so. How cool is that? I wish we humans could do the same, to be honest with you, and not have to resort to dentures, crowns, bridges and all of that sort of painful stuff. Also think about this….

Since the enamel in your teeth, the hardest tissue in there, by the way, isn’t actually ‘living’, in a sense, as a live cell, it can’t be replaced as easily. You can’t just re - generate it like a fish can do with one of its fins or cells, in certain cases, over time. It’s not like Wolverine, who can just re - grow his spiky claws and cut through anything. Very experiments on rats, though, have been done, with the goal of finding how to have such similar success with humans ; the rat trails were very effective and have helped many a scientist to at least get a closer glimpse into the process so as to better structure the approach using human cells and DNA, plus all the latest data.

A 9 - week study recently took place, and the JDR has written all about it —- otherwise known as the Journal of Dental Research. Look at any of its latest entries from 2020. Much data has been sourced and properly confirmed by its subject experts. Did you know that the proper activation of stem cells, this time by means of laser power (yes, and I do mean low - powered, high - tech lasers, not light sabers from Star Wars, he he heh) is being put on the table for consideration? Many, in fact, have already begun studies with this approach. And we hope they can succeed, to some degree. We all want to be able to grow / re - grow teeth naturally!