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Why Do Dentures Cause Dry Mouth?

Author : Efrain S.

“Would you like the two dentures to be ordered soon? I could have them ready for shipping within 48 hours, and the impression will only take 2 minutes. And I could put them on for you in like 3 days when they arrive!” That’s what my cheap – ass dentist said to me, this one guy who I had never heard of but for some reason decided to take a chance on, heh heh. Bad idea, it was.

When I asked about dentures from that one guy, he said something like that, basically, which tells me he is quick but sacrifices quality. And now that I think of it, his service overall was quick and cheap but not ideal ( yet far better than the last guy and his crew that I got them from ) .

Then he followed up with, “If this is of interest, and if I provide details on certain models of dentures that you can get today, would you be able to start the two initial tests for your impression? If the two initial sizing tests go well, we can move ahead and get those new dentures ordered for ya.”

Long story short, I had the tests done, got the size of dentures I needed and started wearing them, all to later find out that I was getting dry mouth all the darn time…. but it wasn’t the dentist’s fault. He did a great job and had solid reviews. In fact, when I LOOKED ONLINE in many places, I read that this can be common and that denture issues tend to cause this, in most cases. But why?

Well, what I found out was simply that you might have a little dry mouth already and having dentures will actually increase it a bit. For instance, if you get reduced saliva production from wearing these, as a result of a change in your oral glands and oral gland movement ( which will automatically occur, without question, since you are, in fact, putting new dentures in your mouth and moving your saliva around them as well…. it’s like having new objects living in your mouth and telling it what to do, in a way ) .

As a means to help your dentures get used to your gums and working with the mouth, as a whole, and for the dentures to be a better fit inside the mouth overall, saliva kicks in and does its job. But when your mouth uses up more of its saliva to adjust to meet this need, then the mouth can get a little more dry than usual. It makes perfect sense, right? But also keep in mind that you, like I SAID, might have already had dry mouth conditions prior ( in which this makes it worse ) .

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