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Ultra Brite Toothpaste

Ultra Brite Toothpaste

Welcome, Faithful Reader!  If it’s your first time hearing about the wonderful Ultra Brite Toothpaste, or if you’re just looking to know some more on it, here’s where you can start: The article you’re about to dive into has all the good information you need, as a consumer, by which you can thus decide on a purchase. Let’s explore and see what we can learn, then!

The Brand

First of all, you want to know about the brand which makes the product ---- it’s a top-selling sub-brand made in the U.S., which works under the parent brand of Colgate, of which you’ve probably already heard. But do you want to read a true origin story that can make you a more informed buyer, perhaps? Then read the next paragraph and you may learn a few interesting things…..

Ultra Brite Toothpaste

Colgate was originally started more than 145 years ago, back in good ol’ 1873. Since then, and as you can imagine, it has come a long way and undergone numerous mergers, leadership executives, marketing strategies and much, much more. Today, it proudly stands atop an ever-growing list of dental providers, but it’s one of the fewer in this list that has achieved global influence. One can buy toothpaste from Colgate anywhere in the world, whether he or she in online or at a local store.

In fact, some have even joked around at which might be better: Crest or Colgate? And many funny epic battles have begun as a result. This, in turn, has resulted quite well for the owners of both brands since it has allowed each to more thoroughly express its main selling points as well as receive more viral marketing and a stronger fan base, all in all. So that’s never a bad thing for business, when you really stop and think about it. Also, you may know this already, but you can likely see ads for Colgate in the news, on billboards or TV, in online marketing ads, even on YouTube ---- it’s everywhere!!!!!! 

Ultra Brite Toothpaste: The Products

Two Ultra Brite products are offered by Colgate:


This first one fights all cavities found in your mouth, even those in the far back corners, if you properly brush in all areas and flush accordingly. It also offers you a fresher breath throughout the day. It includes an Advanced Formula entirely unique on its own, which will lift all surface stains found inside as a means to whiten your teeth more powerfully and effectively overall, and it works! Some call it a “miracle worker” as well…..

Its active ingredient is the anticavity known as sodium fluoride, containing 0.24% (0.15% w/v fluoride ion). Its inactive ingredients are water, sorbitol, PEG-12, undisclosed added flavoring, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cellulose gum, hydrated silica and sodium lauryl sulfate. Tooth stain elimination and greater teeth whitening start now! 


The second product seen here is no less potent than the first though perhaps its purpose is slightly different. This one also freshens one’s breath and kills cavities but also employs peroxide and baking soda to offer a more thorough deep-clean solution overall. It mainly uses these two added ingredients to remove even the toughest surface stains, those which have lingered for longer periods as well. Sodium monofluorophosphate is its active ingredient, offering 0.76% (0.14% w/v fluoride ion). This is an actively known anticavity ingredient used by countless toothpaste brands today. 

The inactive ingredients here seen are those of water, PEG-12, undisclosed added flavoring, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, carrageenan, calcium peroxide, cellulose gum, hydrated silica and sodium lauryl sulfate. 

Ultra Brite Toothpaste: Not For Kids

Infants under two years of age should not use these two products, and those two and older should use it in moderation; they should first brush thoroughly, twice per day, hopefully after every meal eaten or with guidance from a dental expert or guardian. Children 2 - 6 years of age must only apply a pea-sized amount, under proper supervision, to avoid swallowing, as much as possible. Those under two years of age must only use the product with expressed permission from a dentist or physician. 

The Results

The results that follow mainly include teeth whitening and germ removal, especially noticeable after the first 2 - 3 weeks of faithful use. The shine in your smile will begin to show, and those around will not deny it. That’s a fact. And countless research studies have been released on the effects of Colgate’s products, certainly not excluding these two we’ve just looked at.

Interestingly enough --- and you may already have your own opinion formulated on this --- but all findings have varied. There has been mixed input on all ends, so it’s all left in the opinion of the consumer, at the end of the day. What I mean is this: Both products have resulted carrying mainly beneficial results. But still, a few areas of caution had been thrown into the mix, which must always be disclosed to the consumer prior to the purchase ---- such as the fact that both products contain elements of fluoride, a highly detrimental chemical ingredient. 

Ultra Brite Toothpaste: The Final Word

Now, the hard part comes: It’s the part where you have to choose. And with two great products under the Ultra Brite sub-name, each completely unique to the other, that can be hard. But pick the one you think is best, or, simply, take home one of each to help you decide. And if neither of them meet your standards, by any means, then don’t worry ---- Colgate has literally got dozens of additional toothpastes and other types of oral care products in its arsenal, so you’ll always have something great you can choose from! Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.