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Emergency Dentist Cost

Author : Efrain S.

If you are like some of us out there, and right now more than before with the COVID crisis at its very peak ‘high’, money may be just a little hard to come across, these days. And that is why you always want to consider the cost on anything at all when you budget and plan — especially so when thinking about the services of an emergency care dentist, for instance, especially if you have had a possible emergency or know of a loved one in that same boat. It never hurts to count the cost and consider the best ways to move forward in this time of need, now, does it? And that was why I wanted to pull your ear ( not literally, relax, ha ha ha ha hah ) for just a few secs on some things you ought to consider, the very first being the fact alone that every visit, in most cases, starts off, first of all, with a consultation or evaluation ( yes, even the emergency rush – in visit at the last minute ) as they need to assess what is wrong with your teeth, mouth, gums, etc… and how best to move forward and quickly, especially in a crisis not expected. Got to be prepared, and these pros know how to do their job like no one else’s business, which is a reason for why I am so grateful that they even exist in the first place, he heh. They have got you covered.

The last – minute emergency consultation can start at anywhere around $ 200 and even go up past that —- do not be surprised when you are expected to pay more for such a crucial service. Pay it if you can. And if you need a filling on top of that, the dentist can charge you another $ 100 as well ( or even $ 200 if it is a bit fancier there ) . The ADA has even publicly stated, to note, that typical emergency rush – in dental visits can often suck your wallet apart and cost you up to — get this —- THREE TIMES more than the typical non – emergency visit would cost you. So sit on that for a moment. Let that thought sink in.

Now with that being said, keep in mind also that emergency treatments dealing with crowns, or even root canals, for that matter, can easily ride up to the thousands …. in other words, you might pay a few thousand bucks ( better have really good dental insurance, then, he heh ) . Some emergency dental providers also charge either hourly until the work is finished or on a per – project / per – task basis. In other words, you might have to pay, to throw a number out there, $ 7500 to get a full root canal emergency extraction done at 1 am when you rush in…. as opposed to having to have the dentist bill you hourly at $ 100 per hour.