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How To Cure Gum Disease Without A Dentist

Author : Efrain S.

If you are super trashed on funds, like some of us like to say, and especially due to the pandemic that hit so many of us in a hard way, then each cent is gold. And you likely can not or choose not to put more money down to go see a dentist, which is perfectly all right, contrary to what so many people with “near - perfect” dental insurance and full coverage might tell you. We all pay what we can and decide what we want to spend on or don’t want to spend on, he he he heh. Each mind chooses for itself as they say. And with that thought, if you have gotten gum disease in your sensitive oral areas in the most recent days, but still can not afford dental insurance or visits, then boy, oh boy, have I got a treat for you! Stick around and I will tell you the home remedy you can do all on your own, WHICH WORKS WONDERS.

So first of all, I would like to share that gum disease happens due to neglect most of the time. We are so busy, all in all, with work, school, hobbies, family life and so much more….. that brushing for two minutes, each day, and twice, at most, seems to somehow fall off the list of what’s urgent. YET IT IS, it is soooo urgent. We can not neglect doing this as this is the issue that causes much of the gum disease in the first place. I speak from personal experience… I had a very ‘wakening’ experience if you want to call it that, back in 2007. And since then, I have not spent a single dime ( or even a penny, for that matter, he he he heh…. gotcha ) on getting dental care or paying for dentist visits. But what I HAVE done all this time is, instead, not neglect my oral needs. I floss like a religious nun on Sunday mornings, I brush no less the same, and I constantly watch my food and drink intakes / diet overall ( especially avoiding any sodas, candy, or basically anything with sugar, all in all ) …. and guess what I have come to find, from this? I don’t NEED a dentist, and I speak for ME personally. I AM PERFECTLY WELL AND CONTINUE TO BE.

I do not have any festering swelling, bruised gums ( except for when I floss a little bit too hard, but that is one whole other heck of a story, he he he heh ) or really anything that bothers or annoys me to where I need to make such a visit. My teeth are white and visibly healthy, very beautiful, actually ( many ladies, including my wife, have told me I have a handsome set of teeth, whatever that means, he he he heh ) . So brush and floss daily!