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How To Fix Cracked Screen With Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

You want to first start out by putting on any small amount of toothpaste right onto a cotton swab’s end or tip, and from there, you ought to just subtly rub that swab tip right on the crack of the screen of your phone, and do so ever – more carefully with each gentle rub. You can also, by the way, use a soft and clean, damp cloth, in the unfortunate event that you can not find a single cotton swab anywhere in your home, he heh. But let me tell you how it is best to rub, as a matter of fact, to add some more ‘umph’ to your approach…..

When you rub on to that screen with the swab or cloth, you want to be sure to do it in a circular motion, as in making small circles in either a clock – wise form or a counter – clock – wise, however you are really more comfortable with or used to doing. Once you have scrubbed or rubbed away enough, and still gently, remember, you can now use a lightly damp cloth once more to actually take off the toothpaste from the screen…. make sure you do not leave or miss any toothpaste, he heh. Now let me also talk to you about when you SHOULD actually think about going with the toothpaste cracked screen repair approach that I have been talking about here : You ought to think about doing so when the crack or cracks on your screen are very minor, at most…. not to hide something more major or utterly significant / impacting, all in all. This, of course, as a matter of fact, just falls back down to common sense as the toothpaste approach will only work on small cuts or cracks and not entirely hide their visibility but still greatly help to seal away and reduce it altogether so I hope, my dear friend, that this makes some sense. It is not a magic pill or a miracle worker sort of approach but something rather that can minimize the effect of the cracks, all in all, so take that thought to heart as well and do not give yourself any false hope with this approach. Try it nonetheless and see what it can do for your own cracked screens at home or work.

The way it all works is like this —- toothpaste just so happens to be known as a mild abrasive, and as such, it can remove scratch surface visibility, of course, given it’s all within the right conditions. Sometimes it works better than other times. It all depends. And yes, it does even depend on the very type of toothpaste that you try to use on that screen and what it is made of or how adhesive it is, etc. toothpaste is non – conductive most of the time. It can’t really fill cracks fully.